The fun is a possibility which there will be to this,

…which, when roughly translated, means “endless fun can be had with this thing” :mwahaha: clicka here for altavista’s translation program- however, of course, the likelihood of it getting anything right, as demonstrated above, is quite slim. It seems to have a particular phobia of the Korean language, so all you need do is type something in, translate it to Korean, copy the resulting text (it doesn’t even matter if you don’t have the language pack installed) back into the translator and bung it back to English, and prepare to have the language barrier fully demonstrated for you :hahaha;

Hello, do I think that it is arranged in the Gilgamesh and this front of this?

I forgot what I entered :thud:

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I got something very similar :wink: the final ersults are here- it turned from a simple 6-word sentence to an Andalozian speech :wink:

To the duck which swims the cat which it ascends compared to is grace compared to.


The duck that swims has more grace than the climbing cat.

We are everything the wild bastards who will die a death horrible as the virgins who had not started any thing in everything.

I think Cybercompost simply pasted one of his freewrites and did not put anything through Babelfish :stuck_out_tongue:

All your base are belong to us becomes:

‘All your foundation is attached to us,!’

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I think Cybercompost simply pasted one of his freewrites and did not put anything through Babelfish :stuck_out_tongue:

No. Its “Suicide Solution,” Ozzy Osbourne. FOOL.

This is Cala’s sig:

Look at splendid thing everything where you say the people concerning me: ) Quotation: Enemy and Cala where first I am worst are posted by boobs of Shinobi Your. Quotation: The Xelopheris Cala work first being posted,: To force sufficiently for the person, but being made for the woman. Haven’t I spread? : )

LMAO My sig is great. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fixed originally by Shinobi:
You them chests are my worse enemy, Cala.

That’s what I got for the boob quote :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I bet Cala has spread. >.> <.<

And now, Robert Frost in Korea-English.

The world goes out and it goes out and when must die in the cry of distress which two time will carry but it reveals the favor which will swell up the fact that it is Iss this Jen of hatred that much and the destruction ice talking hazard that also under the company being sufficient me, thinks with them will catch the what kind of talks that it will end insecurely talks the felt of desire the inside the what kind of this ice being from

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Yeah I bet Cala has spread. >.> <.<

Thank you, 984. I was using every ounce of willpower I had to NOT say something akin to that. :mwahaha:

“Language is not computer, please understand that”:

The language under producing highland and, does not intend that thing dog which it understands.

“I had sex with your mom last night in my bed.”

Me inside my bed your mom and the characteristic were to last night.

“It is merciless lower part in the side of the policeman and to get, grade I which it shoots with the gun from go out slowly and i run and and when, it takes off they troublesomely, inside they dead body bravery it does in circumference, hes killing the person inside the reading which becomes, the crime actual place the }bloodied{. My lifetime is pure herb doctor formation of a cabinet and the unadulterated human waste.”

Real Message:

I will slowly and painfully kill people in a vain attempt to skin them and dance around in their corpses, only to get gunned down mercilessly by the cops as I run from the bloodied crime scene. My life is a piece of pure, unadulterated shit.

“Present estimate is the entire junk.” = “Today’s forecast is TOTAL crap.”

“I I flying am sad!” = “I’m sad that I’m flying!”

… Darn, “Love And Peace” got “Love and peace” …


To be, me. Me, and me, and me.

… Me, excessively.

how are you translating english into english? I tried entering a line into it and translating it fomr english to japanese, then back into english, but it still ahd some japanese characters in it.

“The ƒ‹[ƒN, I am your father” = “Luke, i am your father”

well, entering AYBABTU into the english-japanese-english process, i got "Your basis everything belongs to us, it is "

is that yoda speaking?

The Sinistral work first being posted,:
If the pill where the Charl is blue is chosen, in him I think of that the TD has meant the fact that it is the butterfly which the TD was opened sufficiently to him himself. I never some TD for certainty… being and inspecting being not to apply annoyance, in the TD why first there is a butterfly at the place, but, whether it is that, now as for me as for me who am thought in doubt it is the person of the thing kinda which is not fair.

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