The Final Saga

The Final Saga part 1: End of a Rivalry
By d_Galloway

The sun was slowly setting on the slums, the lowest, poorest habitats of human life. The handful of businesses closed their doors, the residents rushing inside before even lower forms of life emerged. When the sun had vanished completely, only the criminal underworld remained active.

PC Glenton emerged from the black market, his pistol carried visibly to deter attackers. The lower gangs quickly drew away, as the major organizations tipped their hats in reverence. Glenton paid no attention to them, his mind focused solely on one thing: his enemy, Valkyrie Esker. He went over every battle they had had in the past, analyzing every possible weakness. He found none. Could she really be deadlier than he was?

“Assassin, come here.”

Glenton turned to a small alley, inside of which sat a heavily-cloaked figure. Judging from the voice and figure, it was most likely a female. Curious, he entered the alley, gun still in hand. “You wanted me?”

“I know who you seek,” said the figure. “And I can help you kill her.”

Glenton scoffed at the idea. “Do you know who I am? I’ve killed hundreds, if not thousands! I can handle her!” He started to walk away.

“I know you,” said the figure. “I also know your target is a valkyrie, armed with an arsenal of magical weaponry. I know of your weakness to magic, your inability to survive even a simply Magic Missile. And I know of all your battles, she has the most victories. Sounds like you DO need my help.”

Glenton stopped and turned, his eyes narrowed. “And what’s in it for you?”

“I despise Valkyrie Esker as much as you,” said the figure. “I will just sleep better knowing she’s dead.”

Glenton thought about it for all of ten seconds, then turned back to the woman. “What’s your plan?”

It was a beautiful night at the boardwalk, complete with the annoying cheers of children, the collective smooching of couples, and the sounds of impossible carnival games. Galloway and Valkyrie Esker walked down the boardwalk, their eyes downcast.

“Explain why we’re doing this again?” asked Val.

“The counsellor said it would help our marriage,” said Galloway. “And since you already said you don’t want to be divorced, I figured we should start getting along.”

“Well, it ain’t working,” said Val. “I hate you even more than when we got here.”

“…What if I win one of the games?” said Galloway. “It’s wonder what a small, cheap stuffed toy of twenty-year-old cartoon characters does to a relationship.”

Val sighed. “If it will shut you up, fine. Go and win me a…stuffed Garfield or something.” Galloway ran off to the nearby ring-bottle booth, while Val just sat on a bench and fumed. This was the last time she did anything Galloway recommended…

An arrow flew her ear, imbedding itself on the top of the bench. A figure jumped down from the nearby booths and dissapeared into the shadows. Val instinctively knew who it was, but read the note anway:

“Bitchker, go to Pier 50, by the boardwalk. This time, it’s to the death. -The ever-handsome PC Glenton.”

Val crumpled the note into a ball and threw it in the garbage. She grabbed her nearby spear, Gungnir, and marched off.

Fifteen minutes later, Galloway came running back, holding a Garfield plushy. “Hey, Val! Look what I-” He then realized she had ditched him. Sighing, he prepared to teleport.

Val entered Pier 50, spear at the ready. She scanned the various crates and planks for traps, but saw nothing. She also didn’t see Glenton. Sighing, she took a seat on a nearby crate and waited.

Finally, Glenton stepped out of the shadows, carrying only a dart gun. “So you came, Bitchker.”

Val jumped to her feat and leveled her spear. “You’re a bigger fool than I thought, Glenton. Ready to die?”

“Not at all,” said Glenton. “In fact, I have a suprise for you…” Val prepared to throw Gungnir, but suddenly stopped, her body seized by a strange force. Glenton smiled and fired a dart at Val’s neck. The moment it imbedded itself, a massive electrical charge ran through her entire body, until she finally fell to the ground.

Glenton slowly approached her body, his pistol drawn. He kneeled before her and checked her pulse. Sure enough, she was dead. His mind raced with emotion, but it was not of joy, or victory. Rather, it was the dead certainty that this had been a trap. A trap he had blindly walked into.

Galloway suddenly appeared, still holding Val’s stuffed Garfield. He looked at Val’s body, then angrily looked back at Glenton. “You bastard.”

“Forget her!” shouted Glenton. “We’re probably in even more trouble now!”

“That’s right, my foolish ally. Thank you for delivering Esker to me.”

Glenton and Galloway both turned to the entrance of the pier, and saw the same woman from before. “And look. I see you brought another guest! Too bad I don’t have time to deal with you.”

Glenton angrily started forward, but Galloway held him back. “Let her go. Trust me, we can’t face her right now.”

“The hell we can’t!” shouted Glenton. He shoved Galloway aside and aimed his handgun. The woman glared at him, raised one hand, and blasted the thief into the crates with a wave of black lightning. She then grabbed Valkyrie Esker’s body and teleported away.

Glenton slowly, painfully, climbed back to his feet. Galloway was already glaring at him. “Get F. Galloway and Weiila. It’s time we struck back.”

Is this the end of Valkyrie Esker? Who is this mysterious woman? And how does Galloway know her? Stay tuned for partial excitement!

YAY! Partial excitment!

And so it begins… :slight_smile:

(BTW, just how did PC realize it was a trap? In fact, it looks like he got away with what he wanted.)

Philisophical answer:

Once you strip away the hate, once the blinding anger subsides, a man is able to see what they could not. With his long-time enemy dead, Glenton realized that the circumstances were too coincidental, and at the same time surely felt some degree of humiliation that he needed someone else to kill Val for him. When his mind was free to analyze the situation, it did not take long to realize what had happened, to understand that he had foolishy done what someone else had wanted.

Actual answer:

A wizard did it.

Interesting. Very interesting…

Wizards - the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems.

How … eerily apt.

By the looks of it, this is the start of something very interesting, or very dangerous… The coalition of Galloway, and Glenton.

A good story, d… but, I’m going to get hurt in this one, aren’t I?

Oh, this looks lovely.

I think that everyone is going to take a beating in this one, PC.

Betting a beating than a chibifying.

buh, buh, BUH!

Actually, I’d rather be chibified and humiliated than physically harmed. Probably take it as a new experience and have fun with it. Great start Gallo, what do we have to deal with lord of underworld turning esker into new demon general, Zombie valkerie on it’s way to eat our brains, or just some old hag who likes to have her way with the corpse of a norse valkerie.

Ha ha, I’m sure Val (the Real one) will love that! :hahaha;

Are you, by any chance, inspired by all those “Last Story” Marvel Comics (You know, “The Last Avengers Story”, “The Last Wolverine Story” etc. they keep putting out?)

(So far, none of those have impressed me. Thought I have yet to read The Last X-Men Story…)

The Final Saga part 2: An Old Foe Escapes
By d_Galloway

Hell was busily torturing the souls of the damned. The roar of the flames were deafened by the screams of pain that emerged from every corridor, and the dancing of various devils.

Deep within the bowels of Hell, Morgan Orsland Xian (aka Mox) was chained to a rugged, uncomfortable chair, his eyes held open in front of a television set. Countless hours of Friends reruns continued to pound his mind, driving him farther and farther into desperation and madness.

A bell rang in the distance. “Morgan Orsland Xian! Report to the front desk!”

The chains retreated, freeing Mox from his torture. He slowly walked away from the horrifying experience and wandered into Lucifer’s main office. Before him stood a pit filled with pure flames, blocking what resided inside.

“XIAN!” shouted Lucifer, the flames roaring out from the pit towards the mage. “I have called you here for a special assignment!”

“…Very well,” said Mox. “What is it?”

“There is another living being here,” said Lucifer. “I want you to go destroy it.”

“Why don’t you do it yourself, then?” said Mox. “It should be easy for the Master of Torture to destroy someone’s soul!”

“I ALREADY TRIED!” shouted Lucifer. “I sent my most powerful Hell Hound to destroy it! You have no idea what humiliation he put it through, before I had to banish it to the cleft between dimensions! That, and you are the only other living soul in this land…although that CAN be changed…”

“Fine, I’ll do it,” said Mox. “Just give me a weapon.”

Several flames leaped from the pit and formed in front of Mox. They gathered into a sword-like shape and dispersed, revealing a magnificent red-bladed sword. “This is the most powerful sword in Hell,” said Lucifer. “It will allow you to slay this soul!”

“Thank you,” said Mox, his hands already around the hilt. “So long, Foul Deciever!”

After only a few hours of walking through Hell, Mox found a ramp, leading down into even lower depths of Hell. He snuck down the corridor, his sword held in a combat-ready position. Finally, he reached the end of the corridor. Before him was a tall, handsome man, chained to the wall. A bowl was suspended over his head, and venom was leaking from a serpent overhead.

The man didn’t even look up. “Sigyn…is that you?”

“No,” said Mox. “I’m here to kill you.”

The man raised his eyes, careful not to disrupt the bowl on his head. “Another mortal thinks he can kill a god…how pathetic.”

Mox raised an eyebrow. “You call yourself a god?”

“I was…once,” said the man. “Until my brother trapped me here.”

Mox looked up at the snake. “What sin could a god commit in a single lifetime to deserve something like this?”

“I tell you, I did nothing!” said the man. “Well…I may have killed one of the other gods…and pissed off a wedding feast or two…and nearly destroyed my brethren on about eighteen non-consecutive occasions…but does that mean I have to sit under a snake for all eternity?!”

“…Good point,” said Mox. “Still, you have to die.”

“I think not.”

A bolt of energy flew overhead, vaporizing the serpent. The chains suddenly shattered, freeing the god. Mox turned around, and saw a familiar black shadow…

Which quickly knocked him back with another blast of magic.

“Come with me,” said the shadow. “I will give you the revenge you seek.”

The god slowly climbed forward, as if he was controlled by something else. A portal opened by the shadow, and both figures walked through.

Mox recovered from the blast, and saw the still-open portal. Grabbing his sword, he jumped through, seconds before the portal closed.

Who is this new enemy? What was that shadow? And how long before the rest of RPGC hunts Galloway down for bringing Mox back? Stay tuned to find out!

Who is mox again…?

Hmmm. I’ll hazard a guess. The shadow is Darkness Beckons, the guy who was chained up is loki, and Mox is one of your characters from the FF Breakroom series.

Mox is the Latin word for ‘soon’, and soon evil times shall surely come to pass.

Nice Set-Up, d. I like how you can make even Hell sound silly, yet menacing.

And my guess is the god is Loki, too. Thought why would Lucifer consider him a threat when he’s chained… unless Luci actually meant the SHADOW guy.

Eagerly awaiting [strike] my first appearance[/strike] the next chapter. ^_~

LoL, Wilfredo. Looking good so far.