The FFVI Tenth Anniversary Contest

Please sticky this until January 1st, 2005. plzkthx.

For those of you unaware of the world around you and that the United States has been at war with Iraq since 1991, this year RPGClassics is celebrating the tenth anniversary of what many of us here consider to be the The Greatest Game of All Time: Final Fantasy VI. Whoa, has it been ten years already? Am I already getting that close to the day of my demise? Sadly, yes, but your impending death need not be completely in vain. For you, yes you, the proud member of the RPGClassics Forum Community, can carry with you to your grave a shrink-wrapped, brand-spanking-new, fresh-as-a-pair-of-teenage-lovers copy of the original Final Fantasy VI soundtrack. The best part is, you can enter the eternal sleep with 30 or 40 bucks in your pocket, cause you don’t have to spend it on this gem. That’s right, you can get it for free. Hot Damn! What’s the catch?

Well, you have to participate in this little contest of mine. The purpose of this contest is to write a story or an essay about any topic of your choosing that has to do with Final Fantasy VI. No, fanfiction will not be allowed, unless it’s clevery disguised. The purpose of this writing is to be about <i>you</i> and <i>your experiences</i> with Final Fantasy VI. Some possible topics include:

<li>What you remember from the first time playing FFVI
<li>How you feel the game has contributed to your development as a whole, or at least as a gamer</li>
<li>Any experience with the game that left a strong memory or impression on you
<li>How you feel the game has contributed to the development of games and RPGs in general
<li>You hate this game for some reason, and here’s why it’s the most overrated piece of garbage ever
<li>General <s>angst</s> nostalgia about the day when RPGs were about story and characters and not graphics, and it was cool to be part of the underground rather than part of the mainstream
<li>Be creative, and come up with your own topic

Here are the rules regarding the writing of this story or essay:

<li>Deadline for submissions is December 31st, 11:59PM GMT. That’s Greenwich Mean Time.
<li>The contest is only open to members of the RPGC Community (including staff). This means you must have a registered forum account and have at least made the slightest attempt to become part of the community. This is both to reward people for being part of the community and to make sure I don’t have to read 800 essays.
<li>The reccommended word limit is 1500, but the absolute maximum is 2000. This is including all words in the document: the title, your name, all that crap. If I open up Open Office and it says the word count is 2001, I won’t read it. The line has to be drawn somewhere. So be careful.
<li>Please no fanfiction. If the fanfiction maintainer wants to run their own contest, then by all means, go ahead.
<li>You must submit the document to me in either .DOC or .RTF format. No unformatted .TXT files please. My email is at the bottom of this post. You will submit two copies of the document to me. Listen up carefully now. This is extremely important, and if you do not follow these rules, your submission will NOT be read. I will be reading these essays anonymously, so as not to be influenced by any biases I have toward certain people. You will submit two documents with the following guidelines.

<li>DOCUMENT ONE: In the text of the document, include your title, your name (forum name alone is fine), and a working email that I can contact you with. Of course, include the text of your essay or story as well. Title the document as follows:
<p><b>Title.doc</b> - of course, replace Title with the actual title of your essay.
<li>DOCUMENT TWO: Include ONLY the text of your essay or story. No title, no name, no email. Title the document as follows:
<p><b>abcdefghij.doc</b> - replace the garbage with any random ten characters. Make them random. I don’t want to be able to recognize any of the stories by the garbage letters.

Finally, here is how the essays will be graded, in order of my preference.

<li>Your ideas and Presentation - Is your essay entertaining and fun to read? Is your impression both personal and universal at the same time? If you’re making an argument, is it well formed? Will you have me picking roses for you by the end?
<li>Structure: Does your story or essay follow a line from beginning to end, or do you jump around all over the place? Note, I have a big preference for essays that follow a straight line. Be creative, but each part of the essay or story should build on the last part and come to the right denoument.
<li>Grammar, Spelling, etc. - This is not an English paper. I realize English might not also be the first language of everyone here, so I am trying not to be too strict on this. For the most part, I just want to see that you’ve spell-checked and proofread it, and that glaring mistakes aren’t everywhere. If you’re submitting an essay or story to a contest, you should want it to be as perfect as you can make it

That’s it. If there’s anything I haven’t covered, or you have further questions, reply in this thread, not by email. Chances are if you have a question, someone else has the same question as well.

Regarding the prize. As stated above, the prize is a still-unopened, shrinkwrapped copy of the original FF6 OST. The soundtrack is Three Discs. Already have it? Sorry, but I’m not changing the prize. If it’s really that much of a problem, then don’t enter the contest. Or write a shitty essay and make me read it because you hate me. I don’t care. Or, what the hell, why not win a second one? I’ll bet you’ve opened the one you have anyway. This one can sit and collect dust and be pretty and impress your nerdy significant other. Admit it, (s)he is pretty nerdy, isn’t (s)he? It’s alright. Love is blind right? The prize will be mailed to the FIRST PLACE winner only. In fact, there is only a FIRST PLACE. One FIRST PLACE, and a lot of losers, just like it should be.

But I’m being facetious, because in fact, everyone is a winner in this contest. Your essay will be presented as part of the Millenial Fair exhibition celebrating the Tenth Anniversary of FF6, and after that, it will forever become a part of the infamous FF6 shrine, owned and operated by none other than yours truly, for the world to see for eternity. Nuclear holocaust? No problem. I hear the afterlife has finally got DSL (sorry, it’s still dialup in Hell), so these works will truly live on, even after the aliens invade.

One final declaration: upon submitting this essay, you agree to give me the right to modify your story or essay in any way that I see fit for presentation in the Millenial Fair, unless you explicitly say in your email that you do not want your submission presented to the public. This doesn’t mean I’m going to go and add Terra-Chocobo hentai to your essay. It just means that I will be adding some HTML formatting, and perhaps fixing a couple of spelling errors. That’s all. I promise. Unless of you course your article already is about Terra-Chocobo hentai. And that’s totally cool too.

submit all works to

And of course, Happy Fucking Holidays.

I would like to point out that second place really is just the first loser.

I was gonna enter but it sounds hard, so I won’t. Lucky escape for you guys.

But I thought you said NO fanfiction? Is this an exception? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and I stuck the thread. Don’t say I never did anything for you, you ingrateful little man. :stuck_out_tongue:

DAMMIT. You’ve just remindedme of a Yuffie-Chocobo lemon, you little jerk.

And I’m not running any contests. Weiila’s going to remove my testicles already, I’m not making it worse.

For the work you’ve done on the fanfic section, or something else? X)

I guess a foreigner’s view might be an interesting one on a competition such as this… I guess I could give it a shotput.

Much much better than the Cloud-Marlboro lemon.

MAbat: For the fanfic section.

And Igatoa, don’t EVER, EVER mention that again.

Ok This is Rule Brake Down/ Nutter’s Points Post. This has only been done once before here at the RPGC. Zep Correct me if I got an Miss underdstanding.

Whoa, 10 years ago I was in Primary School. (Just I might Add)

Yes. (I’m Gonna do one word not novel type answers)

First ATB



squeze me, Baking Powder?


Probly will.

Does that Include Me? (I working on Poké gold/silver)

You have Open Office too,

Dear Terra… NOPE

Since you have Open office can’t I send it in Open office format?

Ok so…

So you read the whole thing If you think it Rubbish you wont know it’s Weilia until you look at the First one.

I’ve Just have done

Nice! Gimme!!

Ohh Great!!

Kewh??!! (Kupo?!)

(Note to self: work slowly slowly on Weiila’s Lj)

Big Nutter
25 good days to work it.

Big Nutter, was it NESSECARY to MST the contest? You do that with bad fics, not with CONTEST RULES.

What… the FUCK?

Go. Just… go.

I did with one of your Contests… and you’re not the first…

Big Nutter
It’s the result of how I make an understanding of the Rules… so it’s kinda yes…

Hey, there’s this thing it’s called ‘thinking’ and doesn’t need any kind of input or output device whatsoever! Isn’t that cool! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I concur.

The difference between that and this, is that when you pulled in on me, you made it SHORT. That wasn’t one step down from doing the ENTIRE THREAD.

yes, please engage brain before engaging keyboard. at the very least do so before clicking the post button. the internet would be a much better place if more people did so.

Oi, the things your judging the essays by reminds me of the Taks test.


Already 10 years? Whoah… I think I’ll just write the thing now… I’m bored as hell, and want to write something. :open_mouth:

Two questions…

You want the submitants to submit two copies… one with title/information, one without… do you want each sent in a different e-mail? If so, how will you recognize, if that essay wins, who’s it is?

Secondly, if you want us to not include e-mail in the second copy… that doesn’t make sense. Unless you speciify your inbox to not view addresses, you will automatically see who it is… care to explain?

No, send in both copies on one email. The submission without the title, as I stated, will be submitted with a string of garbage characters as the file name. That way I will be difficult to recognize whose is whose, because I doubt I have enough space in my memory banks to remember whose garbage is whose.

Once I decide on the winner, I will go through and look at all of the submissions with the title and everything. Obviously, I’ll know who the winner is, because I’ll just have to find the same essay.

Here’s how it works.

Step 1:

zep’s girlfriend submits her story: Cool Chobo Hentai Story (named abjahze.doc)
zep’s archnemesis submits his story: The Impact of Final Fantasy VI (named oasdjy.doc)
I submit my story: LOL FF6 SUX (named zszyhzl.doc)

Step 2:

Zep doesn’t know to whom any entry he has received belongs to. Zep reads abjahze.doc, throws up all over his computer. Zep reads oasdjy.doc, is impressed with its high quality. Zep reads zszyhzl.doc, isn’t impressed with it, but retains his lunch of several small bean burritos.

Step 3:

Zep declares his archnemesis the winner, I hang myself because I didn’t win, and zep’s girlfriend breaks up with him because she didn’t win, as it was a impartial and fair contest. Hilarity ensues.