The Executioner Game!

I pulled this off of the Dominic Deegan boards, and you might be interested.

The idea of this is that one player is the “Executioner”, who demands a certain action be taken (Like “Give me a bribe” or “plead for your life”, and privately thinks of a rule to judge them by (such as “Those who offer metal survive”). Any attempt that does not meet the requirement gets executed. But feel free to try again: pretend you sent a lowly peasant or lamer instead.

The winner is the one who correctly guesses the rule behind the executions. They then become the next executioner.

So let us begin. I demand you to plead for your life.

If you spare me, I’ll give you my bag of Skittles. :o

Spare me, I’m too worthless to even be killed. :bowser:

Spare me. I eat pussy.


Spare me, I am a contributing member of the medical science community.

Spare me and there is a shiny dime in it for you

Spare me and I’ll tell you where to find thirty gigs of free catgirl hentai!

Spare me and I’ll tell you where to find FORTY gigs of free catgirl hentai.

Spare me and I won’t spare these other people :mwahaha:

Spare me,and I’ll take you on a roadtrip across America, where we will meet many many RPGC members and have many a merry adventure! =D

A nice little list of please. But I don’t remember asking for bribes…

Anyways, Steve, Ionmage, BlueMageOne, VE? You four get to live.

Nessie, KexMex (Twice!), GG, Mengde? OFF WITH YOUR HEADS!


No, the peasant is. Send another.


I forgot about my first post… how utterly embaressing.

Spare me and I’ll promise to live a virtuous life from now on.

That would suck, Roun. I’ll have to put you out of your own misery.

Spare me, or I ban your ass from the Chat and the MB. >:)

Spare me or I’ll have your tamagotchi killed.

Spare me and I’ll send you to Weilla’s.

Sorry 984, you can’t ban me if you’re dead. Chop

BMO, Cala, you get to live.

So no guesses at the rule yet? I can give a hint if you’re interested.