the draft

i guess some guy in congress is trying to get teh draft back…crap…if that happens…canada here i come :toast:

But hey, who knows, if the draft is properly instituted, we might finally appreciate our soldiers and be forced to put them to GOOD use, rather than just allow our leader to send them around the world to risk their lives for personal vendettas.

This is somewhat old news. People have known about it for months, and yet it’s supposedly a ‘secret’.

But what I find funny is, at this other board I go to, all these people said how great America was, and then when they heard about the draft, they turned the other cheek and said they’d move to England or something. Dumbasses.

But yeah, if it happens, then some of us will most likely be heading over to Iraq, Kuwait, or wherever we’d be stationed at.

Why do people condemn George W. Bush for avoiding major conflict in Vietnam (and praise John Kerry for serving), but state that they themselves would try to dodge the draft entirely in the same situation?

Just a random thought…

well as of november 22nd i will be temporarily retiring from these forums because i head off to navy boot camp. hehe. join the navy before the army gets you :wink:

Probably because Bush served in the national guards - an arranged placement that offered little to no chance of him being sent into active combat areas even in the event of a war, and even so, went AWOL.

So? Which is more honorable? Serving in the National Guard, or moving to Canada, abandoning their country entirely, just to avoid serving at ALL? And I’ve heard so many differing accounts of whether Bush went AWOL or not from BOTH sides that I’m extremely hesitant to take ANY of them at face value (as should everybody else).

Hrm, I’m in college, I dont care enough to fight… I’m afraid of FUCKING DYING… Umm… If shooting myself in the foot doesnt work, I’ll just fuck up in basic training till they give me a dishonorable discharge… Screw’em.

well if the draft starts back up it would make me proud of my disabilitie
(dont have to go :mwahaha: :mwahaha: :mwahaha: :mwahaha: )

the disabilitie is
when I was five years old I was trying to learn to ride a bike,I tried to learn the common way by going down a hill,I lost control and was thrown off and landed on the cement(hard),I shattered my right arm(lucky they didint have to amputate)
and had to undergo a long surgery,since then I cant move my wrist(can only move it up by helping it with the left), the part where the forearm meets the wrist is crooked, i cant bend my elbow all the way out,and at full growth the right arm is shorter than the left,and i have a shitload of ugly scars.
hell of an accident

and you think you have something wrong

I didnt think I had anything wrong with me, I just think it’s stupid to force people to fight when were in “the land of the free”. Let the brave ones fight. Me, I’m just a pussy who was born here.

you could always pretend your gay if you have enough balls for it. no gays in the military.

Well, the way I dress has been labled as that stupid ass “metrosexual” shit so maybe I could pass for gay… I mean, shit, guys arent allowed to dress nice without being fags or nothin… At least, thats how I feel some times.

Canada is closer to the dream the pilgrims had than we are

Sometimes you have to choose between honor and intelligence.

You can whine about honor all you want, if your face was pushed to the floor by extremists who were about to saw your head off, you’d fucking WISH you were in Canada, boy-o.

Talking about war and actually being in a war are hugely different. People talk about “honor” to satisfy their own sense of ethics when they are literally ten thousand kilometers from said war.

This is why we can sit in our nice leather armchairs over in North America and complain about how disgusting the random killings in the middle east are. Because we don’t have to watch our own backs for people who might want to KILL US. You realise how serious that is, right? Dying isn’t just something you do, and then continue on with your life. If you die, you’re fucking DEAD.

Avoiding war isn’t cowardly, it’s wise.

i wish i had a leather armchair

moreover tho…show me the person trying to kill me or m friends and family and ill kill them…or just severly beat him till he cant move…but if im gonna go to fuckin war i hafta believe in what im fighting for…which…in this case i dont i dont think we need to be in iraq, more than we have been at least, and we definitle dont need to be fricken setting up a government in our own image…what are we

We have already discussed the draft before. Seeing how some high-profile soldiers in Iraq have been cast away from the army because they were gay, I conclude that you can escape the draft by pretending to be a queer queen if they ever call you, so they won’t want you in.

And running to Canada won’t help you escape from it.

How so?

It was stated that this time running to Canada wouldn’t be an option, and that there would be both Border Patrols and the US would make a deal with the Canadian Government to have them send back all the Americans who went over the border. It was also said that being in college wasn’t an excuse to not get drafter either, you’d get to finish your current semester, but after that, off you go. Now, this is all on the chance that the draft is indeed used.

You can’t draft dogde to Canada ebcaue we have an agreement/arrangement with Canada, and several other countries, to be able to go in and get desserters/draft dodgers. I know for a fact that we can do in Japan, Canada, and I think France, Germany, and the UK, but I’m not positive.

Also, the thing about Bush is that even those who support him believe he went UA. This is even from people in the military who have tried to get me to vote for Bush. They also think that Kerry exaggerated his record, but still say bush went UA.

Also, I don’t get why people complain so fucking much about the draft. We take for granted that there is no draft. The draft has only been gone for about 25-30 years, maybe a little more. Also, disabilities are less of a reason to get out of a draft now. Sure you can’t volunteer, but there are plenty of things to do back in the rear to support the troops out there that doesn’t involve physical activity. If you can ue a computer, that just makes things even better and easier. Also, we aren’t at the point to where we haev to start drafting people, we still have enough people. We have about 11,000-12,000 in Afgahnistan and 125,000 in Iraq. That is a very small portion of out military.

They fuck up and go places where most people protest against us going in the first place, then they realize they may need more [STRIKE]fodder[/STRIKE] soldiers so they institute the draft and force the people who were against war in the first place to go fight for somthing they don’t believe in. When the person says they dont believe in it, they are labled as unamerican… way to go US.