The dead or alive movie is gonna be shit

Ayane is an american with purple hair. WTH. Yet they won’t give Christie her white hair. The biggest rack is probably a C Cup. It’s Charlie’s Angels with swords, but the women are ugly.

And no sight of Hayabusa.

The link doesn’t work.

You can’t make good movies out of fighting games.

The game is all about bouncy tits.

The tits aren’t big enough.

The end.

I’ll upload it again then >_>, gimme 30 minutes.

Movies based off of games are rarely (almost NEVER) good, bro :stuck_out_tongue:

Mortal Kombat. The first one at least, I thought Annihilation sucked.

MK1 was mediocre at best and it was the best fighting game movie yet. I don’t look at MK1 and think “wow” or even consider wanting to watch it again.

It’s DoA. It’s not even a good game.

It doesn’t look horrible, but video game movies are always “B” movies, what did you expect?

You were expecting a masterpiece of cinematography from a shitty softcore porn game? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hm. Actually, why is Ayane a good girl? I coulda sworn she hated Kasumi… Unless something happened in the “story” after DoA2.

No, I wanted a shitty softcore porn with ninjas >:(

I am not even getting THAT

Looks like Gen Fu and Leon are in it, that’s kind of neat. Also looks like it doesn’t take it self too seriously.

You say this now, but you’re still gonna go see it when it comes out.

Having looked at the trailer:

The tits aren’t big enough. I mean, they’re REALLY too small for DOA.

The acting is probably lousy.

It doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously (good).

It actually looks like it has at least a few funny scenes (I like the one with the bra a lot, that’s awesome).

Its funny how they integrated DOA volleyball.

End: it’ll probably be worth an entertaining rental.

New link

There we go, much better.

I think they could make good movies out of lots of games, the studios just aren’t willing to put the time into it.

I’d love to make 2 movies out of FF6 for example, it could be fantastic.

Watches trailer.

Oh gawd, what terrible…I’m not gonna say more.

After watching the trailer I have to say that I have absolutly no hope for this movie,I hated Charlies Angels and it seems I will have to hate this movie too.

Silent Hill movie is coming out. It will be a hit. Resident Evil movie/s were a hit. And the next one will be a smash. What about Super Mario Brothers (movie)? It was a badass movie. All these from games.