The dead or alive movie is gonna be shit

Yeah, I was just gonna say that Silent Hill at least LOOKS promising. The director seems to be putting more into work on his film than previous game-movie filmmakers. And by God, IT BETTER NOT SUCK OR I WILL SUMMON THE ELDER GODS TO–er, I’ll write a letter of complaint. >.>;

The first Charlie’s Angels movie was pretty cool though. Wasn’t Crispin Glover’s villain, where he would grab a hunk of hair or something off of one of the girls and start screaming, so freakin’ awesome? :stuck_out_tongue:


Plumbers who fight dinosaurs!

Yes, but then you have to remember the ones that did not quite meet the “mediocre” level. Stuff like Dungeons & Dragons and, Jesus H. Christ forgive our sins, Street Fighter.

Dungeons and Dragons is not a video-game. Although I guess you can base Dungeons and Dragons (movie) from Baldur’s Gate.