The Dark Fraction

Why would you want to be a part of the Dark Fraction? The Dark Fraction sucks: They don’t get the things done. It is the Black Hand that gets all the things done: We’re the ones that rule. *Nod, nod.

Yes well,Kero Hazel, you a simply unenlightend. If you realy want to know, and if Tenchimaru Draconis is really a member, then ask him. I’m not gonna tell you.

Ah, but Kero what about NAKED ASIAN LESBIAN TWINS?

Answer this: if you can’t find the site and you supposedly will get in shit for it, have you considered you friend is BS’ing? You know like
“I’m in a secret society and you’re not and you can’t reach it ha ha ha”.

EDIT: TD is a Grand Dragon he would never reveal the oh-so tantalising secrets of the Dark Fraction to us lowly unenlightened mortals :stuck_out_tongue:

Well Dominic, I have heard of this site elsewhere so it exists. And Naked Asian Lesbian Twins don’t sound like a bad idea…

But yet you present no proof, which coupled with the unbelievable “facts” equals two things: jack and shit… and jack went home.

/evil dead rip off.

What the fuck kind of proof do you want?!

Calm down. I didn’t say I wanted any, I just said you didn’t have any.

Tenchimaru Draconis could you tell me how to join? If you must just ask me for my E-mail address and you can e-mail it to me.

Honestly, is this some kinda of joke?

No it is not.

Jesus christ man…"dark+fraction"


What the hell. Is this thread an excuse to gloat or a cry for help

Soooooooo instead of looking for it yourself you ask a bunch of people in an RPG forum whether or not they have seen some stupid exclusive website to a DARK ORDER of E-VIL that may or may not exist (considering very well that your friend might be LYING to you because it would be FUNNY).

Why do I not see this as a formulae for success?

Sheesh, give people a little free time and a computer and it’s the Knights of Eastern Calculus all over again.

Wow, so we’ve got a Sephiroth wannabe running around trying to join an online UBER POWERFUL, RUNS EVERYTHING style cult. Thats great. What makes you think they’ll let you join? As far as I can gather from your loud mouthed blustering and pompous assholery you wouldn’t make it in to any such group. Unless it’s a bunch of geeks sitting there like “Ok guys, they e-mail us and we let them in. Oh we’re so cool we run a secret club that we say has benefits but it doesn’t because we’re poor, sexless geeks.”

snicker Oh this is too much.

Are you sure that this thing is real? It sounds more like a joke…

Yes it’s real. My friend showed me the motherfucker ealier! And I am not a fucking Sephiroth wannabe!

I forgot. I already found the requrments. I just needed to find that out. I’m sorry I’ve been such an asshole. I’m not having a good day and I took it out on you. I’m sorry about that. Lets just continue on and act like this never happend.