The Dark Fraction

Hey has anyone heard of the site the Dark Fraction? I just need to know.

No, but I know of the Golden Ratio!



So HA!

Well if any one who has heard of it or is a member please tell me. Don’t ask me what it is I’d be in deep shit if they found out. And no it’s not a porn site.

You know that’s a lot of info to go by :stuck_out_tongue:

And if you’re so scared why even ask?

I’m not fucking scared. I could just be in some deep shit if the owners found out.

I could tell you, but I’d probably get thrown out. No, seriously.

Pierson you are a member?

Originally posted by Sephiroth47
I’m not fucking scared. I could just be in some deep shit if the owners found out.

I dig. If the parents of the 12 year old girl I’m stalking found out I was asking around about their family’s website, they’d get the restraining order changed so I’d have to stay 4 states away from her instead of just 2.

I just heard of this site from a friend of mine and I know what it is about. He didn’t have enough time to tell me how to join. He just told me it took him about 2 years to get accepted. He told me not to search for it I cant find it. So If no one here can tell me I’ll just ask him tomarrow.

Not yet. Soon, apparently.

Yeah, I’m one of the Grand Dragons of The Dark Fraction. And guess what? Now I’ve got your IP. You’re screwed, buddy.

What do you mean by that Pierson?

I’m screwed how/why? Besides this isn’t my computer. It’s a friend’s. I don’t live here.

Let me ask you something, Sephy… is getting into this exclusive site really going to justify the time and effort to get in?

Yes it is. Trust me. You have no idea.

Really, and these rewards that can justify wasting two years trying to join it are?

That, Dominic Deegan, I am afriad that I cannot tell you.

Funny, how that is, seeing as you supposedly aren’t a member anyway, how would you know what the membership bonuses would be?

As I said, my friend revealed all to me. And he is quite a believable source.

I cannot think of a single thing a website could contain, not even NAKED LESBIAN TWINS, that could possibly be worth 2 years of trying to prove to some group of strangers that you’re worthy enough to become a member.