The culmination of every man's lifelong wisdom inevitably leads to one conclusion:

<font size=“7”>NEIL DIAMOND KICKS FUCKING ASS.</font>

Neil Diamond is NOTHING against the might of Donny Osmond! NOTHING!

Your silly size 5 font cannot compete with my size 7!

Yeah, well size isn’t everything! So screw you!

Every time I view the Main Forum, Pierson has a new avatar and/or title. Do my eyes deceive me?

Donny Osmond SUCKS!

Et tu, Trill? ;_;

Nah Dalton, I just take whatever opportunity I can to be mean to Eva and Hade’s twin-linked avvies. :stuck_out_tongue:

Who the fuck are either of those guys?

Donnie Osmond is madly in love with his sister. If thats wrong, i dont want to be wrong.

neil young like hideously rapes neil diamond to the point where his family cant recognize him anymore.

Goodness Hades, you sound like my mother in law.

And Pierson stoppit! You can be Arima’s best friend, some blonde bishie, so you can join our clan. At least WE get noticed!!

But… but… Freddy. ;_;

Is NOT good looking. There, I said it.

edit: omg at least our titles all match! Hey that was no mere coinsidence, was it? ;_;

No. I want you both dead. I’ll kill Hades like Johhny Depp from Part 1, and you like that girl from 3, with the TV! :stuck_out_tongue:

You are SUCH a bad man. Who obviously needs a “penis, see above”, as told by his sig. I mean, honestly Pierson, cha.

Going by that logic, I’d need ‘Penis. Lots of penis.’

EDIT: Waitaminute! Hey fuck you Eva! >:(

Haha well apparently you got it since it’s crossed off!

edit: let’s be friends again and forget this happened ;_;

Okay. ;_;


Stratovarius is way better.