The culmination of every man's lifelong wisdom inevitably leads to one conclusion:

Johnny Cash’s cover of Neil Diamond’s “Solitary Man” is awesome.

Yeah, Johnny Cash PWNZ both of those guys.

No…It leads to Rikku!!!

I think people are comparing musicians, not instuments. You spelled that wrong, by the way.

Oh, and I don’t care if they’re comparing musicians if you’re gonna say that to me to.

there are two kinds of people in this world, those who like Neil Diamond and those who don’t. That’s the reason I broke up with my first girlfriend.

No there are three, the third group are those who have never heard a Niel Diamond song. I am in the third group.

What the fuck are you talking about? First of all, it’s a fucking band. You’re thinking of a Stratocaster. Second, watch your own damn spelling before you “correct” other peoples “mistakes”. It’s instrument, not instument.


I second that.

Antonio Stradivari was a creator of string instruments in Italy in the 17th and 18th centuries. The violins, violas, and cellos he and members of his family made are known by his name nowadays and are the highest standard of excellence.

It is sort of sad that you are completely void of even the recognition of the name, music enthousiast that you are. Your band there obviously is. Sort of like a contemporary pop musician mispronouncing David Bowie’s name because she had never heard of it. Not as bad as that, but sort of disappointing nonetheless. My confusion stems from my not knowing about some obscure cookie monster band.

Wow, I sure look stupid now. Sorry about that, I guess you learn something new every day. Although, Stratovarius aren’t a “cookie monster” band, which I’m assuming you would be refering to death metal. They’re power metal, which has vocals that hit higher notes and are sung clearly. But yeah, sorry again.