The colors, Duke! THE COLORS!

Whoever made the Tutti Fruity style is teh r0x0rz. It’s reminds me of the good old days when we used to spam the hmong channels with eyedeath.DEATH TO THINE EYES! I LOVE IT!

<img src=“”> turns on Tutti Fruity style …I can see through time!

My eyes!
I’m blinded!

…which is why we should all use Carnage Red or Tombstone Grey. :3


Whooaaa…I can taste colors…

(And BTW, I know what the title of this thread is a referance to. I am SUCH a nerd. :D)

You probably like Tutti Frutti because you are Frutti.


…my eyes burn. D=

I like the pot/money colour.

Green incase you’re an idiot. :stuck_out_tongue:

It feels so wrong and yet it feels so right.


You know, that style HAS been up for a while now, right? Since, like, April 1st?

And I’m glad you like it. I love knowing who the masochists are; they help bring out the sadist in me.

Motherfucking OW. Whoever concieved of this DIES.

You should just be glad I didn’t go through with my original plan of making Tutti Fruiti the default and ONLY style available on April 1st.

Pfft, that’s nothing. My brother can recite every commercial he’s ever seen.

Yeah, it is pretty mind-bending. I can’t handle it for more than a minute or so at a time.

Yeah, almost perfect, but I’m missing something here. It lacks pink. <.< Maybe as a second colour for the alternating posts? :smiley:

Oh GOD no!

My eyes they are bleeding! This is the burning-eye color scheme that is the butter on the bread of my agony! Hmph! HMPH, I say! I HAVE FURY! Bah! Now is when the talking stops! I do not have time to stop and smell foul roses such as you! One fell swoop is the way I will deal with you fink-rats!

… Dude, I’ve changed it back.

… Mind me never!

GG, I get the reference too. It’s one of those stupid popcicle commercials, and the guy gets high from the popsicle and starts talking to his dog

High literally, he’s on the goddamn ceiling.

It feels like burning!