The colors, Duke! THE COLORS!


Tutti Fruity, is so trippy. Dude… It’s makin’ my head spin.

that should actually be taken off, it was only for April 1st.

Noooooooooooooooooo! Now I’m back to these crappy boring colors…no more SEARING EYE PAIN! :fungah:

Actually, Merl, it was meant to be introduced April 1st then stick around for all the masochists out there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hurray for Masochism!

THe colors, Duke! The colors!

Uh… I’m color blind, kid.

Ohhhhhhh… NOW I remember!

Awwww, I never got to see it. ;_;

Going to Carnage red from soylent green and then to tombstone grey and then soylent green again really looks different. Green still has to be my fav. Reminds me of a slushie. Now RPGC’s colour scheme really appeals to my taste.

Yay! Someone got it!

Do you find me sadistic? …No, this is me, at my most, masochistic…

:thud: :thud:


Dammit, I never got to see! Thanks a lot, Merlin, for preventing mysadomasochistic nature from being exercised! I hope you die before your wedding.

Or maybe DURING his wedding. And his wife will survive getting shot in the head.