The Booze thread. What do you drink?

I’m partial to Lienies, though lately, I’ve been appreciating the dark stouts (Guinness, etc)

Hard alchohols - I love me teh Jagers, and teh SoCo.

Double Gonorrhea.

I’m a big fan of Spotted Cow. Best beer ever.

Whiskey, mead, port or cognac.

Scotch, Vodka.

Whiskey, if I drink at all. I try to avoid it though.

Nothing. I’m a very boring person.

Teetotaler here. Not even for religious purposes, which tends to annoy certain members of my family, but I stick with grape juice. Alcohol gives me a stomachache.

I’ve tried a few beers, mainly on school-sponsored trips to Canada. I never really liked it, though, so I abstain. More fun to try and convince my other theater majors to stay out of the other rooms… where there are high school students instead.

Rum straight up (dark or spiced only), vodka straight up (this is horrible I know), rum/whiskey and Coke/Dr. Pepper, scotch. Tequila burns like crazy, but isn’t bad straight up if you pay the money for it. A delicious thing to do, is to add vanilla extract to your rum and coke. :d

FUCK YEAH this is the best beer ever. I’m also a fan of Rickard’s Red, Tiger and Grasshopper.

I’m pretty much QFTing your entire post except for the Keith’s. It isn’t BAD… but I’m sure as hell glad you have Rickard’s Red up there too.

Straight Rum shots and Rum and Coke are my favourites, always Morgan. Vodka straight up is good too, but screwdrivers are better.

I only drink to play beer pong.

…And, I guess if Tsing Tao is the ONLY thing there is to drink somewhere, I can handle drinking one. Every alcoholic beverage I drink, no matter how little there is, tastes overwhelmingly like alcohol to me.

The problem is, is that I just don’t like Molson. ;( Or lagers in general, really. :\

I like to drink expensive wines while I gaze out upon the foolish peons toiling in the baseball diamond mines.

Irish cream on the rocks, blue Hawaiians, vodka paralyzers, black Russians, and various shots are my usual, though I have been known to enjoy a Jager bombs and other house drinks.

Beer is for sissies and inbred hicks. The only exception is good German beer, in which case I’ll drink a Warsteiner.


I rarely drink anything- I’m mostly teeototal though I am partial to the odd pint of Foster’s on occasion. On a related topic, I can’t stand wine- hurts my mouth, my sinus and my stomach all at the same time and tastes just bloody awful. Champagne’s even worse.

Teetotalism is a stupid bloody name. It applies, though. Never drank a drop of alcohol for no particular reason, working pretty well for me.

Good wheat beers go down the hatch for me, if I’m out for a few enjoyable ones. (Weihenstephaner, Paulaner, Hooegaarden)

I’ll just rather buy a six to twelve-pack of lager if I’m out for a social drinking binge, + whatever stuff comes to mind. Salmiakki Koskenkorva (Liquorice Licquor.) is a favorite and does not taste like satan’s asshole, for that summery fruity terrace drink, Passoa and Orange juice are fine.

Never really learned to drink whiskey/vodka…

I kinda learned to type when tipsy after that one incident. I still make no sense, though, if I ever did.

Yay, watered-down kangaroo piss! Here, have a pint of our own Lapin Kulta, which is, in fact, reindeer piss! :smiley:
Seriously, the only thing Fosters has going are the girls used to market the brand.

I don’t drink anymore. When I did it was usually the cheapest, most foul-tasting shit you can imagine. Kasser’s Vodka most of the time.

Drinking Sam Adams Cream Stout right now. Choco-coffee dark beer. Nummy. Following it up with Alpenwolfe. Neverheard of it? Try it.

Jumping on the “nothing” bandwagon. Never really cared for the stuff, so I don’t bother.