The anti-WoW thread

Just thought I’d make a thread for those few of us who don’t play WoW, or lost some friends to it. About 4 of my rl friends haven’t talked to me in nearly a year because of it. That’s even worse than they were with FFXI. I mean, damn.

Someone I know plays WoW all day and then complains that he doesn’t have enough time to get his homework done without cramming and staying up all night. He also ignores me when I need attention most because of this game.

*note: Recently this situation has improved some.

Is it Natsu? :open_mouth:


WoW is t3h d3v0l and costs $14.99 per month

That is precisely the reason why I avoid MMORPGs. They fuck up lives -_-;;

I’ll wait for the private server.

I don’t play any MMOs, either. I gave FF11 an honest chance, but realized that all I was doing was crunching levels, and I could do that in any Dragon Quest game without having to wait for a party to form and there’d be an interesting plot involved. With WoW, while WoW players will tell you otherwise, it seems to be more of the same; leveling, running quests, finding rare items. If I wanted that, I’d play PSO (which I did start again, but I’ve taken a few days off, and I’m not sure if I really want to go through all that again… -_-).

I’m just an offline gamer, I guess. I don’t like the interaction with people I don’t know, I don’t like being dependant on people I don’t know for exp/items/etc, and I certainly don’t like the monthly fee. My rl friends seem to have no problem with that, though, as I have somewhere between 4-7 rl friends playing WoW, 2 playing FF11 (one of which also plays WoW in his spare time), one playing City of Heroes, and 2 playing Ultima Online. The only rl friends I have that aren’t playing an MMO aren’t gamers except for one chick, who’s always either playing DDR or talking about how much she gets laid.

Like you did with PSO?

Ouch. >.>

It’s less work to go to Endor and get Mara and Nara and then that cave to pick up Hector than it is to form a good party in some MMORPGs.

No, because I only played PSO about an hour a day. During the time that I was addicted to PSO, all of my rl friends had already gotten addicted, and then continued playing after I got burnt out (often begging me to play with them, since I had items they wanted). I admit that my online time got eaten away quite a bit during the time I was worst addicted to PSO, but it wasn’t because of the game; it was because I was working 50+ hour workweeks for the first time in my life, and thus had to grow an attachment to the people I worked with, as I hardly ever saw anyone else. They were huge PSO fans, so they got me hooked on it, and we’d usually play at the store after hours. So, I do apologize to anyone online who I wasn’t in contact with at the time, but it wasn’t because of the game, the game was a side effect.

But I do see where you’re coming from… >_>

Who needs WoW when you can have this?

No, but seriously, WoW is alot of fun.

Ahh, I haven’t seen that in ages.

I used to play EQ back when the only alternative was Ultima Online. Got to level 12, got so pissed off feeding off the ‘oh, it gets interesting at level 20, yeah’, and just crunching away to get to the next level, I quit. Probably saved a friend’s life, he was getting so into it, and when I quit it was with enough (intentional) anger to get him to reconsider it.

I didn’t get back in until FFXI, which was a repeat, minus the friend part. More refined, yes, but still too much of a time sink to be fun.

yeah wow is really damn terrible

So through reading your posts it seems that you hate mmorpg’s effect on people more than the game itself but seem to be blaming “WoW” instead.

I say blame people’s lack of willpower when it comes to getting addicted to games like this.

I hate WoW because it gives the false illusion that absolutely anyone can be sexy. Even undead.

And Ig :

“They’re real. They’re not MINE, but they’re REAL!”

Undead arent sexy. They have saggy ugly titties.