The Air of Change

Mid term elections have come and gone and the air of change is about. The Democrats have reclaimed the majority in both the senate and the house. To make this day even better, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announces his resignation.

Oh Happy Day!

Wow, this I didn’t know about. Happy day indeed. :smiley:

Rumsfeld should have been gone loooooooong ago.

I am not so eager about the democratic majority in both the house and senate though. I was hoping they would get one, but not both. I am hoping the republicans keep the majority in the senate, but that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. The good thing is that what gives the Dems the majority in the senate is Lieberman and he is a moderate democrat who does support the war to completion.

This should’ve happened 6 years ago, but better late than never.


Dem <i>sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep</i>

The senate majority isn’t exactly official yet, mind, but…

Spitzer won in NY :slight_smile:

Its not certain yet , we’re waiting on Montana (though its not as tough a call as…) and Virginia. I really hope Allen gets booted from Virginia because he is racist scum.

The world can rest a little more peacefully now.

The Democrats have the House, but the Senate is still up in the air and it isn’t a complete majority since it is dependent on two indepents voting along with them. As the results stand, the Democrats are just waiting on the results in Virginia. I am happy that Rumsfeld resigned though.

With the Democrats hopefully taking over Congress, there is a good chance it could make Bush as lame duck since they’ll have the power to stop a lot of his shit. I like it when it is split this way though since it makes cooperation necessary and prevents one party from running crazy. By split I mean, Executive and Legislative branches being controlled by the opposite party, not a split in the houses of Congress.

I find it really cool that Nancy Pelosi is Speaker of the House now since it is quite a historic moment.

The good news is that the Dems won because of conservative Democrats - not the ultraliberal San Fran Pelosi ones. If Madam Speaker wants to hold the Dem caucus together, then she’ll have to moderate her message. But if she lets the left get out of hand, you can kiss the Democratic gains goodbye in 2008.

The interesting thing is that the Dem who ran (but lost) in my district was making fiscal responsibility a huge part of his campaign. As an old-school paleocon, I’m disgusted at how the GOP can’t curtail gov’t spending. And Pelosi, to her credit, says the House will adopt pay as you go spending rules, where any spending has to be offset by cuts or tax increases in another area. It’s like bizzarro world…

The Democrats didn’t win because of conservative Democrats, they won because of growing dissatisfaction with Republicans. Just within the last two years, the Republicans have been plagued by several scandals, their handling of the war, Bush, and various other issues that made people want change. It isn’t because the Democrats became conservative. Hell if it was because of conservative Democrats, there won’t be much change. This election really illustrates a point an old book of mine states. It talks about how within the last 50 years (the book was written in the 80s), the Democrats have made significant gains not because people prefer them more, but because the Republicans have messed up (such as with the scandals). Don’t get me wrong Serik, I’m not saying that all Democrats are the same, there are different shades of liberalism, but that still doesn’t mean they are conservative, moderate perhaps, but not conservtive. Besides, there are those other factors I mentioned that constributed greatly to the swing. There was an article I read a couple of days ago that said that midterm elections usually swing to the otherside (such as to the Republicans in 1994).

Yea I know some conservatives personally that are disgruntled at republican party because of the changes the party has gone through. I do hope that this ends up, not as much a victory for democrats as a victory for moderation. The extremes of both parties make me shudder.

Rumsfeld Resigns. The Democrats gained the House and will probably take the Senate. Twelve years later, the Republicans’ Contract With America, expired. And so, the voters of America spoke to say, we support the Democrats. Or did they?

The truth, though, is that the Democrats didn’t win. The Republicans lost. How is that possible? In my estimation, simply following the president cost them the election. Even those who tried later to distance themselves from him risked looking like lepers jumping off a sinking ship, and being shunned when they found a port. In essence, at least for two years, the G.O.P. will be reeling from its loses. My friend’s father always got angry when the Democrats were being incompetent, and always threatened to vote Republican; at least until they got their act together.

As others have said, this election wasn’t to put Democrats in power, it was to take the Republicans out. Rolling Stone recently posed the question “Is this the worst Congress ever?”. I agreed, without a doubt that, it was. Corruption abound plagued the Republicans, though it is worth noting that re-elected Democrat William Jefferson of Louisiana is a known bribe taker.

And now the question to be asked: What’s next Dems? As of the past six years, they’ve been the party of “we’re not Republicans at least”. To me, they still seem to be that party. And with the newly elected Democrats, it seems that the party will be turning a blind eye to its liberal base, and moving more toward the center. So what are they going to do? Your guess is as good as mine. One can only hope, now that the Democrats will work out bipartisan legislation with President Bush and Republican lawmakers.

If you have a vision Ms. Pelosi, please tell it to us. We dearly want to hear.

This might not be good. Those people who get elected are usually fanatics when it comes to not straying from a strictly Democratic agenda. Alot of things wont get done that need to be done, but at least this will show us another folley of political partys.Or perhaps an advantage?

PS im not on with either political party, but wont bullshit people that only certain things need to be done.

Poor Donald… :stuck_out_tongue:

The ball is now on the Dems’ court.

That… didn’t really make a whole lot of sense.

Maybe, but the same would go for the Republicans being extreme. If youa re wanting to keep moderation, having a split between Congress and the President would help keep moderation since neither party will be able to pusht heir agenda through unchecked. Such as Bush has the veto and the Democrats have a narrow majority (not enough to override a veto).

Amerycin’s pretty much right on about my feeligns, sort of. I’m glad the republicans lost, but the democrats aren’t much better. It’s a narrow improvement, but it’s an improvement nonetheless.
Socialist won in a landslide somewhere in vermont, though. That’s pretty cool. I’m not much of a socialist, but I’m glad to see a third-party candidate take a sizable eleciton.

The results came in in Virginia and the Democrats won. They now have control in both the House and the Senate.