The age of Video game players seem to have increased

I think having fun is relative… What is fun for you, isn’t fun for everyone, Hades.

Geez, it’s as bad as that guy on GameFAQs who used a GS to make Ramza have 999 HP, 50 Speed, 50 PA, and 50 MA, and instant-cast Flare right at the start of the game (FF Tactics, that is), then was talking about how easy it was.

Personally, it’s much more fun to play the games legitimately. Sure, it’s fun for novelty to do silly things (like changing Pokemon so all wild Pokemon are Mewtwo), but that novelty wears off.

Besides, why do you need a PAR to start a game of CT with a bunch of stuff? That’s what New Game + is for.

Well, I mean, the one time I ever cheated, I downloaded a cs aim bot and used it. It was like…wow, I shoot everything that moves. It got pretty old after that, I mean, so what? I could shoot everything - big whoop. The fun of the game was removed, which in turn made the cheat useless.

So it isn’t fun for you. Don’t cheat. Maybe it’s still fun for her.

She does have a fairly… odd… sense of fun apparently from other posts, keep in mind.

Then let her be “weird.” You don’t have to try to stuff your own version of fun down her throat.

I’ll stuff something fun down your throat!

Go right ahead. ^.~

I remember when I was a kid and there was a guy who lived across the street from me. He was 19, I think, when I had just got my NES and his parents felt that he was “too old” for video games (at the age of 19, mind you). Because of this turn of events I ended up being offered my choice of his massive collection of NES games for only 2 bucks each. I walked away from that deal with about 20 games. Included in the mix were things like:
Dragon Warrior 1 2 and 3
Final Fantasy
Wrath of the Black Manta
Deja Vu
and some others…

But yeah, I was very happy that he “grew out of them” as his parents say.

In current times, if someone asked me when I’d stop playing videogames (I’m 21) I’d say “Fuck you, hippie! I’ll never stop!”

In retrospect, about cheating that is… I don’t really do it unless I absolutely cannot beat the game on my own. As of today, I’ve cheated to win in these two games only:

Vagrant Story (cause fuck that game, its hard)
Valkyrie Profile (same)

Yep, thats where I stand on the issues. And just cause I went through alot of “rough” welcomes into this community (some would argue that I’m not really welcome yet, I’m looking at you Pierson…) my advice to you, Dragonquester, just ignore thier pessimistic posts. For the most part they probably dont have anything against you and some times those of us who arent born into abusive friendship circles cannot tell pessimistic flaming for real hatred.

lol, now I’m gonna get flamed for defending you. But oh well, BRING IT BITCHES!

Im sorry, but anybody who thinks playing video games is better than sex is just out their mind. I’d hate to be her husband and having to compete with video games.

I’ve said this before:

I used a code once to start Phantasy Star IV with the Elsydeon after betaing the game thrice. I got bored in three minutes and left it there.

And Iz: I know that Vagrant can be frustrating, but it isn’t hard after you get trough the first areas and someone explains you about the goddamn Affinity. VP I don’t understand though, I died once against Bloodbane and that was it :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheating is boring; everyone can cheat. What everyone can’t do, is beat the game without cheating. Which do you think would earn you the most fame and admiration?

Maybe it isnt so much that VG are better than sex… but maybe VG are better than sex… with HIM? ^_~

Vagrant Story - I take my 50 lbs sledgehammer and smash you (Mr Human) in the fucking face with it. Oh noes, I deal 1 damage.
Thats horse shit. I mean, I know the way Phantom Points worked, but I thought they were not only a pain in the ass, but an out of the way distraction from what could have been one of the best action RPG games of all time. Unfortunately, only the story kept me playing.

Valkyrie Profile - I didn’t have much trouble with it untill the final level. And in that place, I died very fast to even the random battles, it seemed like maybe I missed a dungeon or two or somting because it seemed way harder than the place I had fought right before it…

Older? Almost everyone I know that’s my age likes to play videogames…If I had more money…yeah.

Phantom Points didn’t really mean anything. The important one was the Affinity, which had to match the type of monster, the element and the type of blade. It’s almost impossible to do all three, but as you progress you can get by with the right type of enemy affinity and using elemental affinity spells. I had a Sword for Humans and Beasts, a Mace for Undead and Ghosts and a spear for Dragons and Evils. The final boss is the only exception, where the best I could do was use the third level Sword Break Art.

Yeah, you definitely missed something. There was a dungeon in hard were you could train all you wanted.

There were lots of dungeons in hard where you could train! And even then, who REALLY trains? I just pass around the Event EXP and awaaaaay I go!

"The age of…has increased. "

Well of course, we all get older.

I only cheat at a game if I’ve already beaten it a few times. However, I simply don’t have as much time as I used to, so I’ve started to use strategy guides or ask for help. The shrines have very useful knowledge. I never used a PAR or a Game Genie.

UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A,(Select if 2 player),Start.

Probably the most memorable of all cheat codes. I don’t even need to say what it’s from, because most of us know.

Drangonquester: At least you had a community to share your gaming with. My playing RPGs has always been looked down at by family and friends, just like my comic book reading and Anime watching. To say nothing of my actually WRITING FANFICS! This used to get me down, until I realized I was HAPPIER with my life than the rest of my siblings… :wink:

I did have some peer contact but only by Mail, on the Comic Book and Animation circuits. This was back in the 80’s, long before the Internet. I remember typing really long letters, often containing chapters of stories, just to share with others… the Internet is MUCH better, let me tell you. Not to mention I came here three years ago and everybody treated me like one of the gang, not better nor worse for being twice as old as most other members- which is exactly what I wanted. And I didn’t even hide my age, or even my real name. That’s why I’m grateful to RPGC, then and now.

As for cheating, I agree that it’s a matter of taste- some people NEVER cheat, othes cannot wait to get the latest codes. I’m middle-of-the-way; I ALWAYS try to beat a game on my own first, then try using codes the next time I play it, so the experience feels different.

(Exception: I ALWAYS buy the Game Guide first, if available. That’s because a) I’m one of those obsessive gamers who MUST find/do everything in the first try; b) As I never get tired of pointing out, I’m IMMUNE to Spoilers and can readily enjoy most games even if I know the ending and c) I love collecting Game Guides anyway, for their art and sometimes their text (Atlus guides are particularly funny in and of themselves.)

Wilfredo, it was a little rough playing dungeons and dragons in my 20’s with a bunch of high-schoolers. One of those guys actually opened up his own comic book-game shop, and makes more money in 6 months than i do in 12. I never got into Magic:The Gathering, but that was for financial purposes. If i could ever find the time, i’d round up a group and play DnD. But with a wife, two kids, and a few jobs, there is almost never time for games.

I think the average age of a video game player is now 25 I think, with over 50% of all game players over that age.