I just don’t think this guy gets enough affection from us. He is consistantly the second coolest/funniest/best looking guy at rpgclassics, after myself of course. And I just wanted to let him know that we all love you. So. I want you all to tell us your favorite memory of 984, it can be real or fictional, but it has to be about 984. Thank you.

I miss you, daddy. I’m chemming too often to be in chat.

My fondest memory just happened.

[22:57] <+VickiMints> Oh buy, even more ego
[22:57] <genericangst> I can hear the masturbation from here.
[22:58] <genericangst> Well, since Charle made it, fellatio
[22:58] <genericangst> but whatever.
[22:58] <~The_984> But I stuck the thread
[22:58] <~The_984> So I guess that’s like gentle pressure to the back of the head

984: Sir, in spite of the mathematical impossibility, I would like you to know that your name is less than three. I believe this is a customary way to show affection among the internet youth.

That time that 984 and I went to The Varsity… oh wait, never mind.

I heard that he once saved an old lady from a tree after a blind man chased her into it.

It’s true, I was there, though it wasn’t as much a tree as it was a shrub.


I don’t know if you guys know this or not. BUT THIS IS NOT THE FUCKING TOWER OF BABEL! I make threads that are sposed to be entertaining. But that does NOT mean you can just flood them with random stupid shit! If you aren’t going to stay on topic, don’t fucking post in my threads.

Charle: GG’s post was on topic. “Honk if you love the 984” was something said long ago. He was merely showing his appreciation for the 984. IN YOUR FACE!

If you actually have that on your bumper you have my unending respect. If not, you still have my respect but it isn’t unending, and your time may come soon.

I appreciate the 984 for the constant meeting arrangements I keep meaning to keep but never do because I smoke pot and can’t remember them.

Thanks dude!


Oh you cad, you, Ms. Mints!


So the truth comes out! :ulty:

Happy birthday, 984! May at least three quarters of your birthday wishes come true.


Happy birthday, The_984. Long may your chat-reign endure.

Just for you… while we’ve joked about the Greasy V for so long, I think that on the other hand The Vortex is super awesome and I’m pretty sure you’d agree.

Happy birthday! :smiley: