I just realised who Eva’s Reno avatar reminds me of! He looks identical to SINISTRAL! I can’t believe it! That’s so cool.

Please don’t ruin it for me.

Ruin what? Sinistral is impressively hot!

Well maybe you’d lick his feet if you had the opportunity…the only Damn! that came out of me was that Escaflowne character resemblance pic and…stop making me talk like this! I refuse to seriously check people out on message boards.


Does Sinistral also head up a team of Reservoir Dogs-style hitmen? And does he have a large over-compensating taser?

I’d suspect a large sword rather then a taser.

Or just some 1337 kung-fu shiznit

It’s amazing how you all worship him. When’s the wedding guys?

Next week, and you’re not invited, hussy! >:(

Sin plus half the males of RPGC is just… wrong. Thanks for the mental image Eva. -_-

Well the young men are more loose with their comments than the ladies :stuck_out_tongue: I’m sure he’s flattered.

After this year’s Ropecon (An anime/manga/p&p rpg/cardgame/boardgame con, where I cosplayed as Professor Tomoe btw), I met a buncha folks (Cosplaying Naruto people) who were going to cosplay as the Turks + Rufus next year (All female though, but cosplay goes over the limits of gender…).

Unfortunately, they only had Tseng, Reno and Rufus, and I promised I’d be Rude if I cosplayed as something there then. (Hey, I won’t be having hair then due to having been in the military, so why not?) Everything would be in check then except the tan, the piercings and the undying thirst for booze.

I think you have the underlying thirst for booze covered. Oh, wait, the thirst isn’t underlying, my mistake.

By booze, I mean the clear stuff which goes over 21% in volume… which is quite possibly the stuff Rude downs in the various bars where he longs after Elena.

Rude would probably kill Tseng for taking Elena if Tifa’s boobs weren’t present. And fork it up, kids; Nobody likes Tifa for her eyes, they all eye her polygonal jumblies (and probably ‘cook the meat’ to 'em, too).

And who’s Sinistral? If we’re talking Lufia Sinistrals… That’s totally WRONG. Gades, no, Amon is just wrong, Erim is all no and not good, and Daos…
Take ToP’s Dhaos instead, please.

Sinistral is Hades’ poster boy for love around here. Actually he’s an admin.

Scary… Scary. Man, Eva, you end up answering all of my questions and slamming me on every thread. Do you, like, hate me? ('Cause if you do, I need a pen and my list of people who hate me.)

No it’s just very late and I refuse to go to bed. Thus you will see me in every thread for the next hour or so.