That does it. That just fscking does it.

Check the first page of the FFX/VIII cat in ffnet. We have not one but THREE what-if-you’re-in-Spira stories, one where you decide by review whether Tidus goes with Yuna or Rikku, several (bad) songics that have little to do with what they’re supposed to be about, and yet more angsty Auron/everyone, tons of high-school fics, and God forbid we forget the sheer volume of yaoi that infests every page. I’ve been holding this in for a while now, but;


I sit in front of a PC and spend hours putting ideas, my ideas that took time and toil to work on and weasel into the game universe with coherence and some degree of actual effort, and then they’re upstaged by a group of worthless fucking high-school fics that wouldn’t get published in an actual high-school journal! Who the hell do these people think they’re kidding!? They’re not even original ideas anymore for christ’s sake! If this is the state that fiction has been reduced to then why the hell have I spent the last year trying to create stories that intelligent people will actually read and like, instead of some thrown-together crap only idiots would ever enjoy!? Why the hell should I even bother to update it anymore if other shit writers are just going to shove it aside after about one second on the front page sticking shit fics with shit copies of ideas that were shit in the first place ahead of it? And the bare few fics (yes, they do exist on THAT SITE) that are actually any good are ignored by suger-rushing teens only interesting in watching characters slitting their own wrists in angsty 400-word one shots!

I’m kinda bitter today. I hope you can see why.

One of the first things coming to mind was making a joke about not understanding, but it slipped back into the gutter where it belongs. I say, the best way to handle is to only read stories about the good ol’ NES and SNES game, because nobody in their right mind wants to jump the sack with a sprite.

:ah-ha!:: “I wouldn’t say that…” -_-

You’re a FF. Sorry. That reminds me of that fic Poke started with, the one were he interviewed Magus about the horrors of fanfiction… and mostly pairing. They had a set of doors with names written above, symbolising the “vaults” of romance fanfics about the person in question if I recall correctly. They both fled the room when they saw a teeny tiny door marked “Frog”.

Then again, I know there is at least one in-the-game story on CT… bah. Try the Seiken Densetsu/Secret of Mana section. Lovely, devoted people almost all of them (they’re about five active authors).

And I’ll tell you why you should keep writing and posting your work, Pierson; in order to keep fighting for a little hope for the writing society. We are the last warriors standing dammit!

Tis’ okay to be bitter…after going to one is lucky if they don’t come out that way.

Got it! Pierson you and I shall write the first inhales

FFVIII people end up in Spira and go to high-school fic with Auron as the angsty drama teacher who is in love with everyone including himself and in the middle is a song fic with Tidus and Squall doing a modern version of ‘I’m a little bit country and you’re a little bit rock and roll’ and then toss in the ‘unique pair’ Yoai couple of let’s say Cid and Cid…where we will write in ALL CAPS and use lots of !!! in there just for effect and just to make Weiila happy we shall throw in some NES characters in said high school and we must make sure that we never spell out U, R, 4, and 2…heck we could make ‘the artist formally known as Prince’ the Spira English teacher…Oh and we will of course have to put in the beautiful, misunderstood, blind and deaf Mary Sue who saves everyone from Sin."

breathes Yes, okay, I know it was a run-on yet strangly better than I lot of grammar there. Sound like a plan? Now of course if it gets more reviews than our normal stuff, we can then lose faith in humanity. Or even worse…it could already be there.

And for what it is worth, I love your stuff. :slight_smile:

Would actually be fun if you really did it… then again, all the angry teen-angst authors would of course get you thrown off for it. Humorless suckers. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have actually been wondering where all these people (I would call them authors, but I didn’t want to insult true authors) get the idea that they are actually any good. I would actually bet that a new born baby could ‘type’ out a better story than a lot of people on there.

And what’s strange is it usually seems to be the same type of problems, everytime. Either:[ul]
[li]Terrible spelling/grammer
[/li][li]Inaccurate information (from the show/game)
[/li][li]Terrible stories, that would never happen
[/li][li]Stories that would never happen in the way that it has been written
[/li][li]Characters not acting properly

However there are those few authors that are actually worth reading, so it pays to just pay attention to what fanfics are actually being written.

But overall that is why I like the fanfics here. Because these ones you know have been read/checked by our lovely Weiila (and who ever does it) to see whether they are any good, or not. Before being allowed on.

It’s a shame that ffnet is so inundated with garbage, I can completely understand your anger. Was it absolutely necessary to put “fucking Christ” in such large letters though? Could you at least leave God out of it, especially in something involving ffnet.

Don’t forget the steadfast TD, he’s helping out too :slight_smile: Though right now he’s mainly trying to clean up the code and stuff for the archive so that it’ll be easier for us to get the updates done :slight_smile:

<img src=“”> Frontpage… code rape… so… so painful… x_X

They’ll probably say the same about 1st page in three or so years :stuck_out_tongue:

Originally posted by Tenchimaru_Draconis
<img src=“”> Frontpage… code rape… so… so painful… x_X

He’s really Wertigon in a dutchman suit.

Originally posted by Weiila
They’ll probably say the same about 1st page in three or so years :stuck_out_tongue:

<img src=“”> I doubt it, since 1stpage is a text editor, and doesn’t write godawfully bad code for you. And damnit Maba, I’m not :stuck_out_tongue: I just want code to not look as unreadable as what we currently have. And stuff needed to be converted to the new templates anyway.

I know how you feel, Pierson. This is why I stopped putting fanfics on FFNet a long time ago. The only downside of the FF series is that is spawns horrendous amounts of crappy fanfiction. -_-;

At least we still have the oasis that is RPGC. :slight_smile: pats Pierson on the back

Exactly, now go read Chronicles of the Light Warriors (FF1, last update) and you’ll regain faith in new authors. :slight_smile:

As for myself, has left me with one trouble: I tend to be INTENSELY distrustful of positive reviews. I can’t help but wonder if they honestly like it, or just spouting off because they have no taste or want to make me feel better.

Or in the case of Second Sun, because they want to see themselves in it. Oh yay. IT kinda worries me to be honest. I mean, I expect people to be honest about my work, but if it’s poitive, I’m not entirely sure if they are honest or if it really is good. It’s frikkin wierd.

This is why when I browse I set the filter to 60k-100k words. None of the idiots who lurk has the attention span to write something that long, so you’re more than likely to find something decent at the very least.

RPGC does not have any crap fanfiction beacause of a little thing we like to call STANDARDS!!!

Oh yes, yes, we do have crap. Crap I must have been drunk to accept. Like Robo_Hobo’s Crono Crossing. Oh wait, that was when I was still rather new and nervous about being a fanfic librarian, and he literally terrorized me until I accepted his piece of shit (in a desperate attempt to make him shut up). Now I’m just waiting for TD to finish with his mucking around the archive so that he won’t have to worry about me mucking with stuff I should have removed ages ago.

Yeah, we have some bad fics here. Weiila summed it up nicely.

I declare that I shall post this image whenever somebody slaps a crappy fic in RPGC:

Should have had that in the days of RPGDude. We need to treat newbies nicely though, remember that. RPGC shouldn’t be known as a beehive. It’s when they start shouting back and acting like morons that they deserve a burning.

Yeah, too bad I found it after RPGDude left.

Don’t worry though, I’m not going to use it maliciously. I’ll only put it up if people are being jerks about critcism. :slight_smile:

Originally posted by GG Crono 4
This is why when I browse I set the filter to 60k-100k words. None of the idiots who lurk has the attention span to write something that long, so you’re more than likely to find something decent at the very least.

Your right that is a good method, but the only problem with it is that you miss out on the small (and rare) gems that some authors do write.

And so what if we have a bad fic or two in the archive, the majority of them are all good/great pieces of work.