Terminator Salvation

Was a steaming pile of shit.

This dissapoints me greatly.
I was hoping for something good to make 1 and 2 proud, and maybe help heal the wound from terrible 3.

I even like the show.

A decent new Terminator trilogy was just too much to ask then?

Far too much to ask.

Details please?

Well, as fecal matter travels through the human body it tends to be at a fairly high temperature, due to the body’s own temperature. If you defecate in a fairly cold environment, it will in fact temporarily be ‘steaming’ due to the difference in temperatures.

An apt description of any fanbase that congregates in enclosed spaces.

The dialog was awful, the plot was worse. The ending scenes after the climax were completely nonsensical, the action scenes were ridiculous. I could go on.

I find out about this the same day I see an announcement that Sarah Connor Chronicles isn’t coming back.

This is officially Terminator Hell Day. :frowning:

I guess the show got…Terminated.

I don’t suppose they actually resolve anything?

Yep, these are dark times for Terminator. The show was so awesome, especially that last episode.

After seeing the theatrical trailer in the cinema, I’m not surprised.

Harry Potter, on the other hand, looks epic.

Seeing the movie now, let you guys know my impression when it’s done.

It did suck.

These Terminators weren’t menacing at all. All the other movies and shows had Terminators that seemed like actual threats, but these ones weren’t really any stronger or more dangerous than an armed human. The plot sucked. I wasn’t expecting a deep plot like the second one, but fuck. It made me miss Terminator 3. The moments between Kyle Reese and John were poor. Hell, even the show had a more impact and emotion between the two and in the show his dad was like 4 the first time they met. I actually didn’t care for John Connor in this one. I already didn’t care too much for him in T3, but in this one I had zero feelings for him. I like Christian Bale, but he is easily the worst John Connor. At some points I felt like he forgot what movie he was in since his Batman voice slipped out. Also, I don’t like how there was so much of a focus on Marcus Wright, hell I liked him more than John Connor. I was actually bored in the movie and the action seemed to have no purpose. It started off well enough, but went down quickly.

I just got back from seeing it.

All earlier comments are more or less right. It’s a pretty mindless action flick that’s easily forgettable.

Amusingly, Marcus WAS a more compelling character than John, they should’ve let John die and made Marcus the new protagonist, to screw up the whole predestination thing and throw everyone for a loop.

I still say they should have just made Robocop Vs Terminator instead. Now that was a great story.

Entertaining any hopes for a good T4 after T3 was too optimistic.

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