Terminator Salvation


I believe Wil’s request was for details related to why the film was of poor quality. The phrase you explain was used colloquially, rather than literally, which I feel to be easily discernable from the context. Please put a little more thought into your future posts.

So by this I assume that Phoenix is in fact a Terminator.

Walked out of the theater when I saw this.

Worth noting: the film came in number 2 this weekend to Night At The Museum 2. The critics ripped it to shreds. Most fans dislike it. The tv show was cancelled the night before its release.

The end result is a dead franchise, and one shitty weekend for Terminator fans.

For me, it’s mind-blowing to witness the two defining Cameron pictures, both milestones in the science-fiction/action genre, followed by two crappy sequels that blundered at the box office. I mean what the hell? The first Terminator movie was just inducted into the library of congress, and T4 is their attempt at meeting that standard?

God damn.

Anyone read the article about the ending that McG thought about shooting? That would have been pretty interesting instead…

Then at least there wouldn’t be more hellish sequels.

I believe I knew that, and was merely jesting at his expense.

A pox upon your lack of humour, sirrah.

I’m afraid you are sorely mistaken; jests are funny.

I watched the trailer and… I’m afraid if I have money on me and find a theater I’ll go see it.

is it strange that i said om nom nom to trillians post with all the heads?

I was planning on seeing this movie, but after all the bad reviews I think I might wait and just see Year One, since a comedy will at least be guaranteed to be somewhat funny, while this Terminator movie might just make me cry :frowning:

Year One has the sole advantage of being, I think, the movie that convinced Michael Cera he was already pretty much typecast forever, and should just do the Arrested Development movie. Even when he plays a caveman, he plays George Michael.

As someone who isn’t a big Terminator fan and hasn’t seen the original two movies since they were released, it was a really stupid movie with some okay action.

And the main characters looked like Commander Shepard, Marcus Fenix, and Marty McFly.

This movie kicked some major ass

What are you wanksters talking about