Tell me what to do

So I met this gal who goes by the name “Killer”…

Basically, I am wondering how much I should be afraid of her because of either her seriously dangerous nature, or her need to act scary by taking on the nickname.

So far I think its just silliness, but before I even try to ask her on a date, I figured I should ask the experts on crazy people what they thought. Unfortunately they didn’t reply, so I decided to ask everyone here: What would you think of someone who introduces helself with a non-creepy smile and calls herself Killer?

maybe she was referring to her looks?

I would just think its a name but maybe you should carry a gun on you just in case if she becomes a horrible man eating monster.

Someone’s been watching too much James Bond

A real killer wouldn’t be stupid enough to call themselves that.

“Hi I’m Axe Wielding Maniac, nice to meet you.”
“Hi, so, um where’s the axe?”
“…Um… being dry cleaned…”

You should totally ask her out, but be careful. Not for yourself, but for her. I bet she’s really fragile and sensitive behind her name. Just be a gentleman I guess.

Just don’t be a perfect gentleman.

should stop plugging Helloween songs

She’s probably a heart breaker.

where did you meet her?

that might help. if she lives near you you could [STRIKE]stalk[/STRIKE] observe her and decide for yourself if she is phyco. :moogle:

Yeah man, totally go for her. With a name like that, she’s probably got somethin to hide.
I really doubt that she’s <b>psycho</b>.

Dont go out to dinner, too many knives laying around.

Helloween fucking rocks… but I haven’t heard enough and I didn’t catch your reference.

Cybercompost loses 5 metal points.

Oh, if she introduced herself as Killer, I bet that she is a very sweet and vulnerable person. As Maz said, be careful.

Well, so far the only part that doesn’t make any sense about the advice you have all given is the Helloween. I’m sure we can find a Dio song that fits the bill and is infinitely more cheesy.

Alright, I think I get a general idea of what people think. I never really worried about an actual murderer, but the knife point is a good one anyway, and who in their right mind dry cleans an axe? Everyone knows that axes are durable enough to wash with denim, dry cleaning would be cost inefficent. I guess my real fear is that I am not sure how much she is trying to act tough, compared to how much of it is just a goofy nickname. I tend not to like people who are the only ones that believe that they have something to prove.

Stalking might work, but I have a full time job, ( :cool: got today off cause sunday was a holiday) so I don’t know when I could find the time to take the thirty minute drive out to her town. I’ll certainly look into it. And even though she knows what car I drive, she’ll never see me coming because late 80s Tempos are everywhere and nobody will suspect its me.

Thanks folks!


someone is actauly taking my advice thats a first.

oh if she is phyco then its probly a good a idea to bring some nunchucks or a pocket knife. you know just in case.

:moogle: teehee kill bill.

Just be normal.

What the hell is a phyco? I think the word you’re looking for is psycho.

I suggest you quit being a whiny bitch and stop taking advice from people on an RPG forum.

And I think the word your looking for is “anal”

Ouch, that hurts. Honestly now, that was uncalled for.

I’m not actually taking advice, I am really just tricking myself into thinking that I have spoken to someone about my situation, because by doing that I can tell myself that I have gotten whats on my mind taken care of.

What it really comes down to is that you are not enough a real person in my life to matter, so I can talk to you safely, and still have told someone. Its actually quite relieving to tell a fake person something real about yourself, because it can’t really come back to haunt you.

:yipee: Thanks for being a snot about that.

Actually, I don’t think we’ve met our snottiness quota for the day.


There, that should do it.