Tell me what to do

Are you saying that all of us are fake or just one of us? :noway: that was wrong and hurtful man.

Of course we’re all fake. Most of us are old men, right? With a heavy passionate love for gaming?

…what’s up with people and paranoia these days oO

Is no one cool enough to respond to my overly offensive jest?

Offensive? What’s so offensive about gutting someone with a cleaver an slapping his three year old daughter across her face with his intestines? Sounds like fun ^^ Super happy sunshine party!

I wanna have a super happy sunshine party in your avatar’s panties. She could so totally take me beyond the stars.

Let me say that my harshness was only directed towards the one individual who thought it fitting to call me a whiny bitch. As for the rest of you, you are all real people, and thats why talking to you counts. But you are all also separate enough from my immediate reality that I can speak to you all about this and not lose my feeling that its still personal, which I feel is important. I don’t know why but for some reason, talking this openly online counts differently than in person. Its a psychological defense thing.

As for the old creepy men, I have never accused anyone here of being old, but now that you mention it… No, I don’t want to piss off [STRIKE]Dragon Tear[/STRIKE] anyone by saying that.

Seriously though, I hope that I haven’t offended you too much, Gunsmoke.

I do however take severe offense (not really) at Hades’s statement. He might not be the toughest boy on the block, but my three year old is my SON, thank you, and he gets picked on enough by his day-care classmates and teachers. If you even try to insult his masculinity, I will rip out my own intestines and beat you to death with them.

As for the original post, I do appreciate any input, even ideas of stalking. I ended up visiting her at work today, and things went well. She didn’t even try to shank me with the tiny Subway bread knife, OR the big sharp knife used to cut the peppers.

So far so good. :victoly:

the fact that she’s got a penis?

Man, go for it. With a name like that, she’s gotta be into some kinky shit.

I wasn’t offended really just dunno maybe I was wondering why you said fake and it seemed like you were saying we were figments of your imagination? Hah i dont know.

Uh I dont think hades was insulting your child i mean how would he know you have kids let alone what gender they are? Your 3 old son shouldn’t have masculinity in a sense, just saying because he’s a kid. I’m not insulting him, I’m just saying kids should be kids without fear of looking too girly or too manly.

For this Type of stuff try: (You’ll see me, and my Sprite Theater)


or if you want some ‘Mums’ to Help:

Big Nutter
I would lean on the Side of Caution with her but i think it’s better to go slowly.