Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

YES INDEED! So, who’s your fave?


This isn’t Sailor Moon, y’know.


Fuck you, 984. She doesn’t count and you know it.

She was still a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

She’s a Teenage Mutant Ninja LIE!

I always liked Leonardo.

Then why is she an option that has as many votes as Leonardo and more than Michaelangelo?

Because you put her in there, you dog!

Venus was an atrocity. Turtles shouldn’t have breasts. Especially TEENAGE turtles. That’s just asking for jail-time.

Raphael is my favourite. He’s so bad ass, plus his bandanna has the original bandanna colours, before they made them all unique to each turtle. Well… mostly because he’s a bad ass though. That was just needless TMNT trivia.

It’s an atrocity before mankind that nobody has voted for Michaelangelo. I’m a Raph fan myself, but you have to have some Mikey love! I think he’s like everyone’s SECOND favorite turtle. :stuck_out_tongue:

That is true. I kinda found myself a Mike fan after the events in Battle Nexus, but Donatello’s been my fave from pint-size. Besides, Turtles in Time made good use of the range, Mike was kind of laggy (he did have the best attack and defense and he certainly wasn’t the slowest…)

Okay, if we’re talking VIDEO GAMES, everybody loves Donatello- especially in the first game. Raphael sucked, because his range was next to nothing. They fixed that in later games by either making him faster or more powerful.

What I think is weird, though, is that Raphael doesn’t really use is sai defensively, like… you know… a sai would be used. But that’s okay, I think it fits his personality to misuse them!

The first game is kind of a mystery to me - it always brings me fond memories, but upon finding myself in the airport, I get this “I. Got. This. Far. 7 seconds. Since. Last. Tantrum.”-feeling.

Now, in Turtles in Time, Donatello was ‘balanced’… he’s the slowest, but not weakest in attack or defense - that falls to Raph, but he’s the fastest and has that Chuck Norris kick. Also, in Tournament Fighters, Raphael = Ghhhk-level of unbalance, if I remember right.

My favorite part of the original Turtles game was the underwater seaweed bomb defusing quest. I mean, we all know that ninjas can defuse underwater bombs, amirite? Also, I love that you get a game over if you don’t do it in time. After a while, you memorized everything, and it became second nature. My dad was awesome at that game. He could beat it without losing one turtle. No lie.

Oh my god. I didn’t even remember this one O_o

Turtles in Time is one of the best Beat 'em ups ever, if not one of the best SNES games period.

Raphael/Donatello tie. I like the rage and passion of Raph, but the Tennyson quoting tranquility of Don.

There needs to be more Mike love. Nunchaku-copter ftw.