Taking a break from Communism

For the next few days. Maybe a week my new ideology will be Japanese Imperialism. It’s nice to go back to my roots for a little while. :hahaha;

It’s something I was challanged to do. The Challange was to step out of Communism for a little while. So Banzai!

My Sig will remain however.

Can I?
Oh can I pleeeeeease? :slight_smile:

…Seeing as how when I think about imperialism, I think about self-righteous Europeans who talk and spout off about their White Man’s Burden and subjugate Africa because of it. So, strangely enough, I might be more fond of your communist ideology than imperialism. Of course, this is Japanese Imperialism, but either way, I don’t think too many good things can come out of something that basically comes down to people using other folks.

Actually, is there any place that’s ACTUALLY gone past the dictatorship of the proletariat stage Karl Marx made up after the Revolution? I know my WH teacher told me the answer once before…


When I first joined this site I was into Japan and Germany of WWII. Not Nazis but the noble and brave German’s that fought for their Fatherland. And for the Japanese side I loved their navy.

I loved their kamikaze.

Oh joy.

You loved their winds of fury?
Wow… what a group of tornados that was!


Hmmm, and in a few months you can switch to American Imperialism…


Do you ever talk about things other than ideologies?

Also, I don’t see how you can’t call the German troops in WW2 Nazi’s and how you say that they were honorable. Yes the German’s fought the Fuher (or however you spell it), but they also systematically killed millions of innocent people.

Mullen, Japanese imperialism wasn’t really any different than European imperialism. Both hurt those in the countries they moved to.

Read Soldat, Panzer Commander, or Top Guns of the Luftwaffe. Then get back to me on that.

Instead of pointing out some material YOU have read why not simply explain said material?

Summarize them for me. Also, believe it or not I do know some stuff about Germany in Worl War 2, which is why I don’t understand your compassion for Nazis.

Also, do you ever talk about anything else other than ideologies?

Yes I do.

I’ll summirize them later. I must go now.

While I could sympathize with communists since at least the ideology is founded on good intentions, imperialism I cannot. dieplz

sheads a single tear


Less attention to ideology, more attention to reality, please.

You need a break. Take care ex-comrade.

More like a good punch in the face, but hey! Who am I to bitch? :stuck_out_tongue: