Taking a break from Communism



He doesn’t talk about ideologies, he only talks about romanticized pseudo ideologies that he thinks are cool like some people thought the non-existent “noble savages” were cool at some point.

way to be a rebel there warsaw.

Well, in theory, communism is the best possible form of government. Too bad it only works in a fully altruistic society where every individual cares more about the good o9f the whole than the good of the self. Not very likely for humankind, but its a nice thought.

I agree. The both the Japanese and the German’s got their asses kicked. What’s the glory in being a couple of has-beens?

You guys need to lighten up and take it easy

My hostility to any given ideology is as heavy-handed as my reaction to any given religion. As far as I can see, both claim to know something about this world with absolute surety, with no room for deviation, which is both stupid and results in harming a lot of people.

I like these posts about communism almost as much as I like Setz’s updates about his personal life

Me too.

Yea, Nagumo is in the cool kids club.

We need a forum where we can hang out and shoot the breeze

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KAMIKAZE!!! HELL YEAH!!! :victoly:

I tend to agree with Cless, Sin, and Trian in this one.

I may not be a fan of the people currently in the American government, but I think it’s a system that tends to fix itself when it’s broken, which is amazing considering how crazy of an idea it was. Every other country that has tried a government that copied ours has pretty much failed (even we suggest other nations have parliaments and prime ministers and what not), but it’s always worked for us. I’m a fan of the idea that 1) the people have input, but don’t have to worry about every stupid decision and 2) the government has the ability to fix things when they’re broken.

Sure, it’s been exploited a few times (the Patriot Act, for example), but so has every other form of government.

Except mine are full of vitamins and minerals.