Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh has been brutally stabbed to death...

A black day for democracy and the open society we have here in Sweden. :frowning:

This is absolutely horrible. And just an hour ago I heard on the news that woke me up that she was still alive but that it was serious. That’s one prime minister (Olof Palme, 15 or so years ago) and one foreign minister murdered on their posts here. And in the middle of a shopping center, to boot. It’s as ridiculous as it is horrifying.

I heard about ti from Weiila. I wonder why though she would be attacked. Might it be becoause of her leaning to the EU. Srhugs

Can’t find a motive until you catch the guy, but if it is, it stretches credibility of the Anti-EU side a bit.

Btut hat’s another story. I hope they catch the guy. That shoudln’t have happened.

Can you provide an article with more information? I’d like to know more about this, but too lazy to search myself, since I’d probably have to examine foreign newspapers until the nytimes releases something.


There you go.

One can’t really speak of bad timing as the Euro vote is on Sunda…

The stabber most likely was an anti-Euro person–

You can’t be sure that the stabber had a political motive yet.

Well, it’s just a theory, like most things at the moment. The truth will be seen once the man is apprehended…

8( I’m sorry to hear this…

A tall man wearing a peaked cap… that’s all the police have on the suspect. I hope to God they catch him.

Hmmm it was bound to happen… :mwahaha: And they say things happen for a reason. :wave:

How terrible. :frowning:

Originally posted by Exo
Hmmm it was bound to happen… :mwahaha: And they say things happen for a reason. :wave:

you disgust me.

Yeah, this is a sad day. A day where someone could get stabbed in a SUPERMARKET… jeez, and I thought I was safe at my job.

We had a minute of silence in school and everything.

The oddest thing, however, was seeing and hearing how everyone was talking about it. I was in the library, and a small group of guys in grade 1 (~16 y/o) were trying to confirm the corridor rumour that she had died from her injuries by checking the official site of a newspaper. They were having a hard time getting there, so they were cursing and complaining a lot, but suddenly they all grew silent and serious, with the occasional “oh my god!” and “damn!” A small crowd gathered behind them, and everyone looked equally serious. Not the usual look of guys that age… Rather surreal, in a way.

As for the girls, some were even hugging each other for comfort. Yeah, it’s a sad thing, but a bit exaggerated, still. Then again, being famous equals being known, and when someone you know (or in this case “know”), of course you’re going to be sad. The way it happened was also twisted enough (and if the motive indeed had something to do with the Euro, it’s sickening).

Most people seem most concerned about the consequences this’ll have for the political world. According to my classmates (I have personally never heard this before) before Palme (see above) was killed, anyone could walk into the building where the politicans work, but now the doors are locked. So now people are wondering if being a politician will mean always having body guards by your side. Politicians in Sweden have always been able to interact with people in a “normal” way, hold speeches on an open street and such. We’re worried that this may cause a forced isolation and, in the words of a girl in my class, make politicans some kind of “superhumans”, cut off from the “normal” people. I hope not…

Even that is a shame. I mean, when an assassination happens, security steps up. People start getting paranoid, and it creates barriers like locked doors and things like that. It’s really sad.

Originally posted by Exo
Hmmm it was bound to happen… :mwahaha: And they say things happen for a reason. :wave:

There has to be a viable reason you said that, but I can’t think of one right now.

I never even heard of the woman until now, but it’s still a damned sad thing to have happened. Humans are bastards. I can’t really think of anything else to say…

It is a sad day, all days and all deaths are. But the lot of them we aren’t told about.

I hope politicans throughout Scandinavia will go on living as normally as possible, and quite frankly, I hope there wasn’t a political motive.

We’re getting different pieces of information right now, some say it looked like a thief trying to steal her bag that went psycho, but how logical is that if he hunted her up a stair? No, it must have been planned. And some goddamn Nazi site somewhere is cheering it on >_<

Exo: In the corner of my eye I’m watching people crying on the streets and lighting candles for her husband and two children. You better have a good reason to what you said. Enlighten us.

And isn’t it ironic that she died on 11th September?

…what the fuck?

I don’t know what I would find more disconcerting: the idea that this attack may have been politically [Euro] motivated, or the idea that it may NOT have been, that it may have been something as crude and random as a mugging turned fatal, with the attacker having no knowledge of who the target was.

Mr Persson described her death as “beyond belief” and said it had hurt Sweden’s open and democratic society.

I hope he’s wrong, but I suspect he’ll be right. The openness this article talked about sounds pretty damn cool to me, and in the wake of something like this (especially since it’s NOT the first time) it’s probably going to end up being diminished.

It will most certainly hurt us - to which degree is yet to be seen however. As Jing said our politicians have been used to walking around freely, now that will most probably be a problem.