Supersize Me?

Wow, that’s one fucking huge burger.

It’s America. I thought it was normal there…?

One would think…

Fuck, I’d eat that with a fork and knife.

If you ate that nine pound burger, in the aloted time, im guessing you’d prolby die

Another thing to add to my list of things to do before I die. That definately looks tasty.

Move over alfedo sauce, this is going to be known as the next, “heart attack on a plate”.

… If I ever visit the states, that is something I’m toly going for.

Now THAT is a big damn burger.

Man I like burgers, but I just wouldn’t have the stomach for something that size.

It makes me barf even to THINK about eating that…

I’d try, but there’s no way I could finish that. That burger has more fat than my entire body does. On top of that it makes up about 6.5 percent of my total body weight.

96 ounces of meat!? Is it humanely possible to eat all of that at once? O_o

It is! All you have to worry about are the consequences…

Seeing as how I’m quite very hungry right now, that looks quite yummy. I want one. It’d keep me feed for at least a week. (Obviously I couldn’t eat it all at once. Thats the beauty of take-out.)


omg I want it

And people wonder why obesity runs rampant…now I want some chips. Don’t like burgers.

That’s actually quite a cost effective way to feed a large family.

::dekar!:: So much meat,i never thought such a huge hamburger could exist.

96 ounces of meat!? Is it humanely possible to eat all of that at once? O_o

I don’t know but I’m not going to die before i try to.