Super happy fun Tales of Symphonia review

…of the first fifteen or 30 minutes of the game.

First, let me comment on the graphics. They’re purty! I don’t know whether it’s just me, but games on Nintendo consoles always seem to have brighter colors than those on the Sony systems, and Tales of Symphonia doesn’t disappoint. The very first place in the game, your home town, is a clash of dirt paths, wood buildings, and brilliant green grass. There are also characters, too, yeah. They’re pretty anime-style, as far as things go. They move a little stiffly in story scenes, but what can you do? The anime intro that plays before you reach the title screen was nicely done. I’m eager to see if there’s more animation inside the game…

Letsee, outside of the town…the battles. They play out just like the others Tales games, with a neat addition. Although you start off with a side view, with all your characters in a line (the enemies, too)…the battles actually take place in a 3d field! So instead of simply thinking of in front of you and above you, when things get mixed up a bit you’ll also have enemies on your side. However, the way they incorporated this into the system was so well done that it doesn’t feel unnatural at all, compared to Tales of Phantasia or Destiny. For example, one of the main character’s (whathisname?) attacks has him spin in a circle with his swords, and that’ll hit everyone around you. His techs are one-directional so far. Also, to note, on the overworld map, at least, the enemies are visible as dark creatures. Battles begin when you run into one (then you switch to the battle screen).

In my party so far are the male lead character (double-sword wielder), an energetic blah-blah not good at school blah-blah, the female lead character who uses chakhram(s?) in battle and happens to be a well known “chosen one” of some sort who’s supposed to save the world (everyone has known for a long time it’s her in the game world, so everyone takes it in stride. It’s not like it’s a hero appearing out of no where to fight off the darkness, like in many games.), and lastly the male lead’s best friend, an attack mage. The female lead obviously likes the male lead “in that way,” but he’s either oblivious or stupid or so on and so on.

Of course, this is a bad review. I’ve only played for a half hour or so, and I suck at the battle system so my lead character keeps getting the stuffing beat out of him, so most of that half hour has been fighting random battles to level up a bit and see if anyone gets a healing spell. However, what I’ve seen looks good. You’ll definitely know you’re played a Tales of… game when you reach the title screen, which has the series constant of soft background music and a beautiful rendering of a huge old tree in the background.

Sounds like an awesome game. WOuld you say it was better than Tale of Eternia?

I really hope they decide to port the PS2 version to Europe though.

Hard to tell, Pierson. I’ve only played a couple hour’s worth of Eternia, so I can’t judge how good or bad it is compared to Symphonia. I will say one definite thing: Symphonia is brighter. I can’t emphasize that enough.

I will definetly be checking this game out as I have heard nothing but good reviews of it

I, too, would like to check this game out.

I’m assuming the 4th party member hasn’t arrived yet.

Damn it,why don’t i have money to play this game,or a gamecube at that,o well at least PS2 is going to get Tales of Rebirth but if they decide not to bring it,there’s going to be a massacre.

They’ve released that?
I want!

I heard ToE is coming out for the PSP

There are 8 party members in all (I got them all already, it’s not really far in the game that you get all of them), all I will say is that the story has a lot of twists I didn’t expect in a Tales game, and that I personally believe it’s currently the best Tales game to date, bar none.

It has the Lufia 2 syndrome though, the characters, at their base, aren’t that interesting, it’s the dialogue that really makes them feel alive and interesting. My personal favorites are Lloyd, Zelos and Regal.

Just wait until you get the BEST QUOTE EVER though : [SPOILER]Lloyd : I now have lost all confidence as a man.

Genis : Me too…[/SPOILER]

I bought it when it came out, and im very happy with it. I like the tales series of games, and this game improves on the battle system greatly. Also, no random battles!

Where are you right now?

Could someone list all the Tales games and what system they are for? How many are there? I’m guessing they’re super-rare and hard to buy? ;_;

Tales of Phantastia: SNES
Tales of Destiny: PSX
Tales of Eternia: PSX (Awesomest RPG ever because I haven’t played Symphonia yet)
tales of Symphonia: PS2.

Those’re the ones I know/

Pierson you forgot Tales of Destiny 2 only for Japan(Damn them)and for PS2.

Is ToS the first gamecube game to have 2 discs?

My friend has Medel Of Honor: Rising Sun and I’m pretty sure that’s two discs too.

My friend and I have been playing this game for awhile. We’re in the second world getting all the summons. I don’t like how Sheena has to be in super mode to summon though. I wish summons were more like how they were in ToP, super elemental spells with more effects.

Enter the Matrix and MGS: Twin Snakes are two discs.

I like the summons the way they are now, personally.