Hey, everyone. Remember me?

Yeah … I’ve been away for quite a while, I guess. Thought I’d come back.

yes man welcome back



What you been doin’?

Cheating at games involving girls in frilly dresses who fire enough lasers that you have to navigate them rather than dodging. By way of my Secret Alternate Internet Identity, but that’s neither here nor there. (Well … okay, it is “there” technically, but …)

SNOWBALL! greets Yar with a hardy handshake How the hell are ya?

Yar! Welcome back!

Hey Yar! Great to see you again

ZOMG! :open_mouth:

Yeah, there’s pretty much no way I wasn’t going to get that reaction as well.

Speaking of which, this is the other thing I’ve been into.

Ah, MSPaint Adventures. So much time killed there.

Heeeeeeey, welcome back. The place is… quite a bit less active than you might remember.

Yeah, I kinda gathered that.

Welcome back. Don’t mind the roleplayers.

Or the Spambots.

Also welcome back. Have some caik :caik:

Hey man.

Ack! I see ghosts!

Solid Snake voice Roleplayers?

I wasn’t quite dead, I was just restin’!

Hi. Weren’t you the guy who had an obsession for agent Smith?

That was one of the stupid things I did, yeah.