Summer gaming

Do you play anything now that, supposedly, there’s more time to be had? I just finished with exams and are all ready to go Proust on a couple old+new games.

I picked up Fallout 2 again, playing as a melee character. The game is harder that way (you can’t use a semi-automatic weapon on somebody point blank while they can) and there are not many melee weapons (the sharpened spear you get in the beginning goes a long way) but the feeling of beating a mob with that same spear using criticals is good. Especially since I know that strength can be upgraded 4 out of 10 points max and refuse to use the shortcut to do so, which means my character is a guy with average strength (=horrendous damage) using the sharpened spear of his tribe in a post apocalyptic world. Against 10 guys with firearms.

What do you play and what do you like about it?

I just started up an EvE account after trying to get myself to do so for the better part of a year. So far I enjoy getting my shit blown up and training learning skills.

Planning to start up BG1/2 this summer, Wild Mage playthrough. Fucking cows out of fucking nowhere, man.

I already finished fallout 2, Ouendan and Super Robot Wars GC seem to be the next big thing along with periodical Battlefield 2142 sessions and PANGYA! with friends.

Fallout Tactics any good?

Just finished Tales of the Abyss in max difficulty, I’m replaying BG2 for the billionth time, slooooowly plowing through Atelier Iris 3 (Man this one’s pretty boring compared to the last two) and FFXII is sitting on my shelf glaring at me and telling me to just finish it already.

I’m doing WoW since some friends are playing it and they got me back into it. I’ll probably start playing Bully, FF12, and Need for Speed later though.

You people need jobs.

I have two! Besides, I’m not getting fat and lazy this summer since I run about 3 or 4 miles a day.

Tekken, King of Fighters, Street Fighter. Summer is the time I do most of my martial arts training, so the games just kinda go with it. Although I don’t actually play any characters in the styles I’ve learned, so I guess it’s not all that close. Still, though. I tried to get into Guilty Gear, but the characters still can’t really catch my interest as much as I’d like, nor can the overly technical gameplay style; it’s all memorization and execution without as much style or (surprisingly, for a game with so many music-orientated characters and themes) rhythm.

Try Melty Blood (make sure you get the upgrades to it, the original is painfully slow).

Yep, Fallout Tactics is quite fun. Some people get disappointed because they expect an rpg from a tactics game. Some extra interaction would be nice, true, but I think that about every TRPG and still enjoy them. The EXP system is nice, IIRC you don’t have to micromanage who kills whom to divide the XP and you can solo most parts sneaking behind people and mowing them down . The game still uses SPECIAL, the battle system is far better than FO 2 (you needn’t switch to turn based from real time except for a few times) and the presentation is visibly better than the previous games.

The last faction you fight, the robots, can best be fought with EMP shells. If you have problems you can visit a special encounter gas station area and drop EMP shells and every time you return theyl respawn. You can do that with money and a stat-upping potion but you don’t need the first one and the second one is too game breaking. <—

I was going to replay the Half-Life series, but I got distracted with Devil May Cry 3.

I’m going to be playing some of the games I’ve had sitting on my back shelves for the last year along with a daily dose of DDR…At least until I get either Heroes of Mana or LoZ: Phantom Hourglass depending on whichever comes out first.

I’m installing GGPO now, SG. Looks cool.

Unfortuanetly, now that I have a full time job, I don’t have a lot of time to play games. As suggested by my avatar, I’m currently playing Suikoden V. I’m at the final dungeon and I’m playing around with a few party combinations to see which three I want to use. On the side I’ve been playing GTA: San Andreas, mainly as a stress reducer and stared playing Starcraft again, and remembering that I suck royally at it. Anyone wanna cream a newbie? Whisper BahamutXerro on

I just read Cid’s Tales of the Abyss thread; and with overwhelmingly positive comments about the game – ToA definitely goes on top of my play list. And I might as well finish FFXII.

The only games I’ve been playing these days are on my DS before I go to sleep; it’s the remaining time I have left in the day to do something like that!

Maybe I should play some more Dinky Bomb, though.

I bought a Wii a few weeks ago, and meanwhile my birthday happened, so now I have six games. I’ve beaten Trauma Center (excellent combination of a skills game with a story), The Godfather (follows the movie plots nicely, with GTA action) and Super Paper Mario (sidescrolling action-rpg, the best game I’ve played since 2005). The others are Zelda, Scarface and Wii Sports, and between them I’ll be covered for a few weeks.

But anyway, assuming that I’m going to buy a Wii game after those three weeks, what should it be? Preferably a game with a story.

Resident Evil 2, Hitman, San Andreas.

Hmm, well, Atelier Iris 3, Baldur’s Gate (with tons o’mods), Super Robot Taisen D, and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion are on the list. I expect to be distracted by Civ4:Beyond the Sword once it comes out in a couple of days though. I also need to finish Pokemon Pearl already :confused: