Let’s just say I’m pretty bored with RO cuz that’s the only MMO in my region.
Any suggestions?
And, rumors that the .hack MMo will be released in 2007, is that true? -.-


Everquest is old as dirt and if you dont mind shotty ass graphics, its worth the money seeing as how you can now get EVERYTHING till now for only 30dollars.

FFXI is great if you dont mind playing with people, all the damn time. While the game is fun, you will HAVE to party to make progress.

World of Warcraft is showing SHITTONS of potential but isnt out yet, keep an eye on that one.

Some people like Ragnarok Online, I personally think there isnt enough to the game to keep me interested in it. Its definately a min/max game.

City of Heroes is fun as piss for about 4-5 days, then you realize that you’ve been doing the exact same thing over and over and over again, and you’ll never get any variation in the gameplay. But the character creation is the coolest thing ever.

All in all, I recommend EQ untill WoW comes out. Its also the least expensive of the good ones (good ones in MY opinion)

Final Note: This will NOT turn into ANOTHER Ragnarok Online argument ok people? We got a thread closed last time we started talking about it.

Anarchy Online?

Cala knows one that I totally forget the name of. >_< You could ask her.

Maybe wait until Matrix Online is released? That could be decent. I personally was looking forward to Warhammer Online, but they canned it. Bastards.

Use Space Marine. Get prestige. Die in combat. Become Dread. Kill everything.

Know what’d be cool? Inquisitor Online.

Warhammer Online used the original Warhammer Fantasy world, not 40k.

And yes, Inquisitors were awesome. :smiley:

EDIT: Oh, I forgot to mention Neocron. Kinda a first-person-shooter style of MMO. I played an offline demo once. It was pretty good.

The offline demo for Neocron’s built like a single payer game. It’s misleading. Neocron’s a FPRPG with a typical leveling grind. The craft skills were cool (you could create ammo, weapons, medicines, etc.) but then they nerfed it so that you can only get stat gains through combat and not through crafting, so they sucked. It was fun in open beta, but I wouldn’t really recommend paying for it.

It got closed because it was a debate on illegal RO servers, which there are rules against.

I prefer FF over WoW in all honesty.

<a href=“”>Cronous.</a>

It’s a good game, two servers, you can open shops and level, several areas, new areas every so often (just got two new ones). I’m on server 2-1 (PvP server (PvP at level 30+), under the name of Cala (level 26 Valkyrie) or Bashala (level 14 Mage) if my computer hasn’t fucked it up. Oh, and you’ll need to sign up at <a href=“”>E-games</a> but it’s free.

You play too TD?

No, I keep on postponing downloading it. I really need to get around to that, and will let you know when I finally do :stuck_out_tongue:

City fo Hereoes is fun. Also, the setup has nice rewards constantly for getting to certain level marks. The quests leave much to be desired though.

Are you on the beta? From what I’ve seen and from what my friends havent… um… yes… have NOT told me wink wink it is the best thing since sliced bread. The servers are less laggy than those of FFXI (but thats also because they can controll the number of people playing right now). The combat is similar to EQ and FFXI and its also a team based game, but the difference is that in WoW you can solo. Which is impossible (or stupid if you wanna play a beast master -_-) in FFXI after level 15-20. But WoW isnt out yet, so comparing a beta to a fully released game shouldnt have any solidity yet.

FFXI is pretty good, but yeer going to have to pay big bucks, becuase they inentionaly left some stuff out (certain spells, level limits, etc) so you have to dish out lyk fifty bucks if you want to get any farther. But i dont know much about online games^_^. so dont listen to me

They didn’t “leave stuff out”. As with all games, expansions are concieved well after the original is released. The expansion is optional extras, but they’re incredibly useful extras. 4 new regions, tons of new sets of armor, a new set of missions, new spells and abilities. As for the level cap, it’s 75 regardless of whether or not you have CoP.

The problem with FF1, while good, is that it forces you to party. Partyign isn’t always easy and has such a big emphasis on it. Once you get to a certain part, you have to party. Finding a good party can be hard. Also, the level down and 10% exp thing is a stupid idea and can create a lot of tension in a party. Most other MMORPGs are pretty cool in that death creates an experience debt. However, you still can exp and a level if you are close enough. The reasont hat this is better is that it while it can slow the game tremendously if you die a lot, you still progress forward. In FF11, if you die a lot, you have to redo what you spent hours doing. I still like FF11, although I haven’t played it as much lately, but I should.

That’s not most MMORPGs Info, that’s City of Heroes. It’s pretty common to lose exp when you die in most MMOs. And this forces you to become good if you want to get anywhere in the game :stuck_out_tongue:

In EVE you lose skillpoints (xp) when you die AND all your equipment, since…y’know, your ship has to get RIPPED TO PIECES and then your escape pod suffers the same fate before you die.

And TD, try the free trial.

I played Everquest too and it was the same way. Also, do they make you lose levels though? Just losing exp is quite different from losing a level.