Suddenly, I want to go to japan...

The sex-deprived japanese women need me!

But seriously, though…this is one that just makes you go ::dekar!::.

I never thought women could sink so low. =\

Why the heck am I still in this country?

I’m on my way! :runaway: :runaway: :runaway: :runaway:

rockets his way to japan via orgasm.

The 54-year-old Kim, a self-trained love-making specialist,

That dude is my hero.

What the hell makes you think those women would want to have sex with you? There must be a lot of volunteers

Silly dirt farmer, that has a very simple solution. Eliminate the competition via any means neccessary or desirable. Or just work out =/.

That was the funniest article ever. I love it :stuck_out_tongue:

If you read the article, you had to be middleaged to apply to be a “healer”.

Personally, I would just cut out the middle man >.>

Despite Japan’s image as a promiscuous country awash with open pornography, the Japanese are among the world’s least sexually active people, according to a recent survey by condom manufacturer Durex.

Wow. The irony kills me. Explains all the porn though. They’re all sexually repressed.

What’s so low about it? They want sex, they’re not getting it. If anything, they should be applauded for going out and wanting to fix that problem.

Just the kind of thing to attract sex starved Japanophiles too. It’s probably a ploy for immigration. :stuck_out_tongue:

People have tried to defend Japan to me. Then articles like this come up. And I just laugh and laugh and laugh.

Why would Japan want all of us to immigrate? They’re mostly cuturally chauvinistic, right?

sux to be japanese women…rox to be japanese men who arent sexually retarded

Japan’s divorce rate has shot up to 2.3 for every 1,000 people in 2002 from 1.4 a decade earlier.

Isn’t it like 50% in the US? Or was someone exaggerating? Anyway, I wonder what the husbands think of the idea. =P

Most people say 50%, but I’ve heard from some sociologists that the figure is really 50% for first marriages.

Lets all have sex with KOR!


Tell me, why am I a girl again when men act like this?

Because most of them are sick perverts? I’m gonna go in a time machine, and hunt down whoever started all of this.