Suddenly, I want to go to japan...

Dont get on your high-horse about morals, there is nothing wrong with this behaviour. If you think there is an issue between two CONSENTING adults to engage in such activity, then you are sadly mistaken. Despite all of this we are higher lifeforms crap, activity such as this is built in on a basic level and is a need. Its an emotional need rather than a physical one, but its a need nonetheless.

E’s Uh so fyo! (I’m On my way!)

Man, This also explains about the Vedening machines that only have women’s underwear.

Big Nutter
I’d so do one…

Who needs morals anyway

on topic: hahaha how can you not have sex with your wife… goddamnit… them ignorant fools…

My morals are qute forgiving about sex.

You know, I tried to start a similar business here at Southern Illinois University last year, but didn’t get any business. We even charged rates affoardable to college girls. I wonder if the Japanese market is that much better, or if the seven guys I was selling were that ugly…

I must learn this man’s secret to getting his friends laid AND making money in the process!

That is true. The figure is currently around 50% for first marriages, according to the latest census. Though actually, it’s more around 51-52% for men’s first marriages and around 44% for women’s first marriages.

L to the fuckin’ MAO, man :stuck_out_tongue:

dollar signs flash in eyes

I’ll be rich!

goes to Japan and opens a male “escort” service

One wonders if foreigners are really as popular sexually in Japan as I have heard.

We should check that Star, we could send a RPGC committee to display our stock since we have several specimens from different races.

We better find out before they’re desperate enough to start groping inanimate objects.

And thus, the RPGC white slave market was born. Uh … I mean … you heard nothing.

yay… our very own slave market

WHOA! WAIT A SECOND! We cannot use terms like that! Not with the whitemans somewhat spotty history on the subject. The more PC euphamism is indefinitely contracted servant trade organization.