Such awaited sanctuary.

mabie setz was sick…or did not arrange anything or he is not into sports.(girls dont like guys who are not in a sport just because they are smarter more deep less informed or non-cinformist(not neccisarily gothic).

Yes, because everyone who practises sports is dumb.

Also, all black people jack cars and all liberals are homosexual.

You’re fucking with us, right?

No, Spaz, he’s not.

And setz, to post INTELLIGENT stuff, that generally takes more than 70 seconds.

I’m sorry, but in the worst of MY own “post in everything that moves” phase, I didn’t spend 8 hours post after post after post.

At some forums they eliminate post count altogether to repel this kind of thinking… and those that don’t do so still frown upon it.

525 possible posts, assuming each post has no time inbetween them, besides hte 70 second time-out thing. So, it’s possible to make a hundred posts, each taking 450 seconds to type out/think out, during an 8 hour stay.

Setz, no matter of mundane arguments about banal theoretical shit that doesn’t apply to your activities will save you. The more you whine, the more you’ll see your post count go down and the harder we’ll make it for you to get what you want. We have an actual rule in place to deal with people like you :P. Suck it. Good day everyone.