Such awaited sanctuary.

So I’ve reached 1000th posts, and following tradition, you’re free to ask me many questions. And to conserve forum space, I will not reply to each of them such as: Person A posts question, I respond, repeat", instead, maybe one post a page answering all the questions on the previous page.

And, I’ve got some questions of my own, which anyone can answer.

How do I change my member title?

Actually, we’re debating cutting off a few hundred posts for your spamming. So stay tuned for the next exciting turn of events :D!

At least I’m informed. :D!

Bah. The satisfaction that I’ve even had 1,000 posts is already gone, back when I had 400 posts. Previously, I had 600 posts, and was reset for reasons I don’t remember. So, really, I have 1,600 posts. Oh well, at least it was cool. :smiley:


Answer “Why not?” and bad things will happen.

Wasn’t your last post drop because of spamming, and so you spammed to try and get it back up there?
Anyways, you people aren’t doing these threads the right way anymore. You’re supposed to give warning slightly beforehand, and let everyone build up their questions then, and then answer them in a single swoop in your 1000th post.

Xelo, that sounds much better than the way I usually see it. Well, when I get 1000 posts again (if it is reset again), I’ll be sure to do that.

And, if my post count is reset, or set back, can I still keep this thread? :stuck_out_tongue:

Stop and think for a minute here. If you cut his posts back, eventually he’ll reach 1000 posts again, and post a thread about it. And thus starts a vicious cycle, whereas, letting him keep his current amount of posts would mean that he’d have his 1000-post thread and afterwards shut up about postcount for ever more. HINTHINT…RIGHT, SETZ? ¬_¬

Would you prefer Spam or Kam?

Fate made it so.

I love cams.

That’s correct. But, it really wouldn’t matter to me. A good idea, though.

I should write a book about how to properly do this thread.

Actually, if we reset it to 0 again, he won’t be getting back here so fast as we’ll keep slamming him harder and harder for spamming for ignoring previous violations that got his post count cut in the first place. Then he’ll whine about being targeted and we’ll tell him he’s a moron and that he should read the rules.

Really, that would be a good idea. At the rate I’ve been posting, you’d have plenty of time to finish it before I’d need it. :smiley:

Make it a pamphlet or something, then you’d be in business.

Wow, you really dont post a lot do you :o

It’s not hard. Really, you make one thread about 50 or so posts before 1000 (ie 950) and announce that you’ll be doing it. Then, your 1000th post is the answer post. I don’t think anybody has actually done it the right way in a few years.

when I reach 1000 I am going to do it correctly.So naw!

Well congratulations.

May you never live to see this come to pass.

It’s kinda sad that I’ve been here for 4 years and in that time I’ve never reached 1,000 posts yet you’ve been here for like…4 months and you’ve almost reached it once just to lose it all and then gained 1,000 again in that time.

4 months? What the fuck? I’ve been here for like, 14 months.

The point still stands. 3 years at 900 vs your 1 year 1000 x2.