Stupid question!

Wow. Funky to know that so many peoples remembers about me. o_O

And thanks for the welcomes backs, ladies and gents!..Ladies. Man. Funny to say that pural around here.

You all can accredit me for bringing Lun back.

No you can’t man.

(Who the hell is he?)

Welcome back, the both of you.

throws a bola at Kag

Where have you been?

Welcome back, Lun :smiley:

Lun! :slight_smile:

Hey Lunaris, what’s crackin’? Did you get a PS2, yet? The new Romancing SaGa looks pretty sick! I bought it, but I haven’t played it yet…I’m too busy :confused: Anyways, nice to see you again!

Haha! I see what you did there 984! And I’ve been around, but this thread’s about Lun, so don’t look at me >_>

Sup Lun.

And Kagon.

Even so I talked to a few weeks ago in #rpgc, I still have to say welcome back Lunaris. :smiley:

Greetings Mr. Eyebrows.
How are we today!

And my, thanks everyone again! So much joy for my simple, mere return! ;_;
Nope, dint tried it, dont have a PS2.

…if your talking about Unlimited Saga thought, I tried, and I was about as dissapointed than an 6 years old kid that wanted a G.I. Joe Action figure and instead got a Barbie’s Full Mallshopping Set.

Dude, don’t disrespect Barbie.

You’re hard to forget.

Spoony made Lun and Macc Immortal…

Dammed wrighters block!!

Unlimited SaGa is the ONE GAME I can honestly say I didn’t like. THe worst part was it seemed to have potential. THe soundtrack is impressive, the characters amazing - a 30-year-old Ex-pirate WIDOW, for God’s sake! - but I couldn’t really get to any of it, because the gameplay must have been designed by a sadistic retard. Anyone who can explain the battle system to me gets all the money I have now.

Err, sorry, didn’t mean to rant like that. Welcome back, Lunaris. I never knew you, and I know you never knew me, but still glad to have you around.

Hello Lunaris. We’ve never met before, but welcome back and all that good stuff. ^^

I don’t know most of you, but I can see that my words of wisdom has already impaired into your impressionable minds! such as Kairi! Was peering at your sig, you see.

That explains a lot.

The revelations begins.