Stupid question!

And mostly because I am bored in this computer class and, instead of programming trusty HTML, I’m here lingering on this forum!

Rules on an-a?

“an” comes before a word that begins with a vowel (“an artichoke”).
“a” comes before a word that begins with a consonant (“a casaba melon”).

Yar beat me to it.

My Typomancer quotient has been reduced by at least 10%! Noooooo!

Also, I should hang around here more often.

Seriously. What the hell happened?

More specifically, words starting with vowel sounds have an “an”. For instance, you’ll say “an honest man” instead of “a honest man” or something like that. And of course, anything starting with a consonant sound is an “a”.

Lots of stuff, actualy. MUSHes started to take more of my time, I became involved into other things on the 'net and 'round. Probably was trying to get away from something, don’t clearly remmembers.

But, hey, I saw some real true horrors in some MU*s I’ve been at, it’s downright hillarious…well, alright, just one of them, but that’s just a mere detail. And now, College started up for me.

You know, lots of craps. Could go in details somewhat.

Oh yeah, I’m making less of typos.


It’s not completly gone.


It wouldn’t be you if you didn’t make some typos, Lunny :kissy: It’s good to see you again.

Lun was one of my reasons for coming to RPGC :smiley:
His hilarious typomancing got me reading the mailbags, and then i joined the chat, hoping to see him there.
Alas, all that greated me was blingbling, Steve000 and RPGDragon.
I think they were the same person >:(

I’m makeing more!!

BN Likes Lun… the man that brought him to RPGC fulltime…

ORA! Densetsu wo miseteyaru ze…

Also, that avvie from … what exactly? CoH? :o

And make it a permanent stop here again, darnit! #rpgc attendance ain’t enough, Loonarisu!

Actualy, no, it’s from PSO:BB, I managed to get this badass look and pose during Episode 2 and I kept it.

Don’t he just look “I’m gonna /FUCKING KILL YOU/!” gaze right now? That’s DeeJay! THE SUPER AFRO WARRIOR!

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ph33r teh lun

My God, I never thought I would see you again. Welcome back man :stuck_out_tongue:

Good to see you again Lun.

Good to see you again, Kag.

See. See what I did there? I took Kag’s comment, and I applied it to him. See, see… I was saying Kag doesn’t come around enough. And I compared him to Lun.

Yeah. And it’s totally awesome that you’re back, and stuff.

: Mr. Waving Smilie says ‘I like guns too!’

Sounds and not letters, mind you. They’re not quite the same.

Oddly enough, when I read the question in the first post, I thought he was talking about Axis and Allies. Me and my friends always call that game “A n’ A”. And here I was, going to explain the whole concept and rules of that Risk-esque game…

Letters follow the same rule as words for starting with an or a; ‘an X’ and ‘a B.’