Stuff you've always wanted to do

Freeze time so that I could get all my shrine work done, then resume time and impress people with my “incredible speed”.

ERm I’d like to ‘Vilg’ the real Annelies like She’s never ‘vilgehk’ been ‘vilg’ before.

Eh In English Please? What Does ‘Vilg’ mean? Don’t tell me he’s speaking Al-Bhed…

erm, Ya, the word roughly mean to have sex, and he want it with My real Self… He must be desperate.

Big Nutter
Eww! I think I might Hide my Traffic Cone…

Sky diving would be fun. That or snowboarding. I’m kind of afraid of heights, so snowboarding would be more likely.

Fly an F 18 or visit a level 4 biohazard facility.

Is that like a place with lots of toxins? What would they have stored? What would be their uses? I heard about such interesting places.

Ebola research.

Move to Canada.

I wanna cosplay as Nurse Witch Komugi!

They’re labs for researching infectious diseases and virii that have no known cure.

Edit: Damn you, internet cache

Mmm, there’s not so many things that I really WANT to do right now… It’s a lot of things I really don’t want to do. But… I guess working with some reputable gaming company (That I like) would be something that would be really fun.

Be invisible and/or teleport.

Or live long enough to spit on my enemies’ graves. Either or.

Oh wow, being invisible sounds REALLY fun. o.o;; I’ve decided I want to experience that too.

Fuck you jackass. I’m invisible, you’re not! Damn idea-thieves.*

<font size="-3">*Yes, I realize I stole that idea myself. SHUT UP.</font>

[strike]Women[/strike] Things I want to do.

[strike]Your Mother[/strike] Street Luge
[strike]Christina Aguilera[/strike] Contest the fact that Both the states of Colorado and Ohio are attempting to deny me of my right to vote.
[strike]Jenna Jameson[/strike] Star in an adult film alongside Jenna Jameson and Tracy Lords
[strike]Tracy Lords[/strike] Be Cremated upon death and have my ashes buried in Switzerland with some pot seeds planted in my ashes.

Bwahahaha. Amateur. I’ve done all the women you’ve listed… twice! I might be able to arrange for you to have sloppy seconds.

Live as a woman for a week.

Failing that, create one of the most awesome 3D models ever. Not neccessarilly one with great graphics, but one with an excellent design.

I’d like to buy a really nice house and to be able to afford it. I’d also like to buy some nice furniture for this nice house.

Other than that, I’ve always wanted to drive awesome cars… my quiet dream is to be a stunt driver and to get to do crazy car chase scenes in some awesome cars. Yes, it’s that and performing a cage dive to photograph great white sharks.

(The dive’s been eerily close to happening, too!)

give me a gun…a couple months to train…and some cool gadgets and this kid i know and id wanna be a bounty hunter/assassin for hire…seriosuly if you work for your country yuo can actually get paid to kill people… how great is that…

edit:or become a repolid like X or zero… that’d kick my ass

God, so many things I want to do.

[li]Visit New Zealand and/or Norway at least once.
[/li][li]finally get around to beating all those damned games I own. Seriously, there must be at least 15 games that I need to beat.
[/li][li]drink three leters of Mountain Dew, punch out that damn gay kid who keeps “hitting” on me, and hijack one of the Floor waxers at school and ride it around at full speed. THen plead insanity.
[/li][li]be in at least one orgy before I die, preferably with any combination that doesn’t involve just me and two or more women. Honestly, who has the stamina for that?

I dunno, I wanna do lotsa stuff. I don’t have a ONE THING I wanna do. Just invite me to do something cool. We’ll chill ok? :stuck_out_tongue: