Stuff you've always wanted to do

Question: Just curious, what is something you have always wanted to do or experience?

As I told Rud earlier, I’ve always wanted to drive one of <a href=“”>these</a> to [anywhere], be praised for it, and just respond, “It gets me from A to B.” Because that’d be pretty badass. Heheheh. I’m such a loser :frowning:

(If you don’t know what car that is, lemme englihten you: A Lamborghini Diablo. One of the most expensive cars on the planet. It’s like the fucking batmobile.)

Why not drive the Batmobile from Batman Begins instead? It’s only even MORE costly (since it was actually made so it could do all the shit you can see).

I wanna try bungee jumping.

A Lamborghini Diablo <3 You rock much for that, hadey.
And yeah, bungee jumping; but with the guarantee that my spine will stay intact afterwards.
I’d also like to swim in a pool of snowballs for once. <3 (yes, I mean the cocktail. :P) And… oh! I still have to think of a few things…

I did one of the things the other day at Wade’s Gun Shop: Shoot a fully automatic Uzi. That was fun shit.

Other than that?

~See the inside of squaresoft. (which will happen soon, cause theres a Square/Enix office located in Bellevue Washington, which is where I friggin live!)

~Wax/Shave it all off… except my eyebrows and hair… and chin hair…

~Eat a baby. I mean come on, who WOULDNT want to try it at least once…? um… guys? right?

~Buy my own house in New Zealand and retire… This one is fo-real. Some day, if it hasnt become to commercialized because of Lord of the Rings…

~Kill you.

Wield a sword. Swords are just cool. That and gorge jumping, which is similiar to bungee jumping only you don’t snap back so you don’t injure yourself but no bouncing. Or come back and haunt Izlude for killing me. That’d be fun.

Drive a car across the US. See all the cool places, drop by the homes of some of my online friends, [strike] visit States where prostitution is legal [/strike] and such. :ah-ha!:

When I have my own car and a bit of extra money to piss away, I’d like to travel around and meet a couple of people.

And, er…I also want to play DDR at least once. >>;

I’ve always wanted to total a really expensive car. And go sky diving.

Hell, I could probably do both at the same time.

I’d like to work as a voice actor for some project at least once.

That, and playtest video games.

Me too. I’d also like to get something published like my father did, some poems or short stories.

Shoot a man in Reno, just to watch him die

This is kind of not possible anymore but I would like to have flown a Focke Wulf 190 or a Mitsubishi Zero.

Hades Shinigami.

What? >>

I’d like to take a walk on the wild side.

  • Attend an RPGC meeting

  • Visit Canada

  • Go “HAI EDEN ^_______________________________________________^” IRL

  • Learn to do magic (No, seriously!)

Get 200 posts.

Fly. Like Superman.

The one thing I would absolutely love to do, is go sky diving. That would be awesome!

I’d love to get the hell away from this dirthole we call a country.