Street Fighter d20

Yep. For the few who don’t know already, Living Room Games is currently making a Street Fighter d20 game scheduled to release in December.

More information at website.

makes the biggest mess in the world all over his room, then makes another mess on top of that, and after trying to clean up, remembers what caused the mess and makes another one… Is now covered in about 5 ft of excitement juice.

Peter North, ladies an’ sirs.


I’ve been waiting for this, I’m really excited, soon… soooo very soon… I can run a campaign with my baby, my love, my sweet sweet Cammy… and my man, my king, the one shoryuken to rule them all, ken!


Personally, I’m equally as excited about the Metro City sourcebook they’ll put out in 2005. It sounds interesting.

Very much indeed. While, my bare minimum will be the first two books, the sources for all of them will be needed if I am to gather all of my friends togather for a street fighter campaign.

GOD, I can’t wait…

The least favorite one, though, is the dark stalkers book. I’ve just not had a big thing for that series. Sure the characters were cool and all… but I just didnt really get INTO the characters like, say, Ken, Zangief, Cammy, or Akuma…

Granted, Morigan and Felicia were cool… but the rest were “meh” at best as far as design goes in my opinion.

It’s still cool. I’ll probably get all of the supplemental material (especially if they put out a Muscle Bomber/Slammasters book.)

Heh heh… I wonder if one could come up with, say, dual Gadouken wielding? X) Don’t stop, don’t stop the beat, can’t control the beat…

how perse does one wield a gadouken?

I’m interested in how they will handle the mechanics behind each of the varied fighting styles. Like, will each move set for the Thai Kick Boxers be different than those of the Shotokan warriors? And how are “moves” handled? Can we just spam hadoukens till the enemies are dead?

Dunno, but I can’t wait to find out more info… HURRY THE FUCK UP LIVING ROOM GAMES!!!

You know, throw one with your right hand and then another one with your left… Wrong choice of words, mayhap… >_<;

I’d say a power point system or a “per day” system would take care of that problem…

This will be good

I usually dont like point system stuff, but if it’s handeled as well as the psyionics handbook did for D&D then I’ll enjoy it. But the PER DAY thing doesnt really suit street fighter in my opinion.

I just hope it won’t be special move all over again, I hope the fun of comboing will be in the d20 game.

Moreso than that, I’m excited to see if “parry” is in it!

Why are you excited about parry.

Play “Street Fighter 3: Third Strike” and you’ll understand.

I myself have only played the SNES series. Until… stupid mimic-sister broke it. Gaga is useless… Gogo is the only good one… me.



Does anyone know anything about this?