Street Fighter d20

Thats what weve been talking about, dude.

Did you click the link? It’s different from the new d20 thingy.

That’s the Encyclopedia, I think it’s basically the SF:Eternal artbook released in the states.

I just wish CoU would recognize Tiamat’s work and publish his fucking FAQ with artwork and pwetty layout.

I did, but I took it as being a suplimental book to assist in the d20 game. It says it has bios, stats, and so fourth… And its made by the same company… So yes, it is part of the d20 thing… Kinda like “The Book of Exaulted Deeds” for D&D… (I love that book btw)

That could be it, it’d explain the canon they’re using for the game (since they have to go with Cap of USA canon since…Cap of USA is the one handing the license to them)…

…which’d piss me off, since Cap of USA never gets anything right.

Maybe they will shut up and let Udon’s comic series explain everything, I’m enjoying that story so far…


I’ve only followed it since #9, sadly (got 9 and 10) and I’m looking actively for the others. I know some places downtown might have them, but I don’t have time to check 'em. I wuv the art style and the script, personally.

You probably checked out #10 already, so I’m not risking anything by saying that Ryu using the internet = comedy gold.

WAhhhh! I havent seen that far… >_<

…christ, me boy, it’s been out for a while! GO GET IT! It’s much fun.

The only comic shop I know of is in down town seattle, id have to ride several buses and have money to buy it with… maybe I’ll go today… lol

DUDE! The freaking comic costs something like $2,95 US! If you don’t have 3 fucking bucks to your name, you need to get a job, damn hobo! :stuck_out_tongue:

The username is:

and the password is:

YANG AND YUN! OMGWTFAWESOME! And Gen?! Nooooes, How could this happen to him?!

Its getting good…

BTW : The final demo pack is availiable for download on the Living Room Games forums. I’ve read through it, and all I gotta say is this :

Air Block as a feat? God fucking damn my players are gonna piss and moan.

But think about how many SF games DIDNT have air guard. I think its a good idea.

I didn’t say it wasn’t a good idea, just that my players are gonna piss and moan.

I wonder how they are going to handle Parry… I havent finished reading through the preview yet so I dont know if its in there.

Well, the demo doesn’t have all the feats, abilities, and other stuff. They won’t give it to us all free, y’know, we’ll still have to purchase the book.

lol, and how… I cannot wait. I’ve been wanting to make a campaign lately and I’m building the story and setting for mine already.

Only thing is, I cannot stand to run a D&D (or the like) game online… Theres alot of feeling lost in it, imo.

I like to look into a players eyes and make them improv thier character with feeling and… well, Role play. Not that I’m insulting online RP, cause it really is good for alot of people who dont have the social environments to do the real thing.


News on 3rd Strike: I started playing Dudley last week… Holy shit.

“Lets fight… light gentlemen!”

“Gutter Trash…!”

Yeah, he rocks.

It’ll be delayed, apparantly. They ran into some last minute troubles so it may come out in January instead of December.