Strange things..

I’ve seen a lot of things here that aren’t strange enough, nor peculiar enough to qualify as quirks. but then again, I’m the one who says half of the people in sanitariums are normal and shouldn’t be there.

-past midnight, I began saying some of the most stupidest shit imaginable (Liquid beer for example. yeah)

-I have memory lapses I think… As of lately I’ve been forgeting how I gotten somewhere or what I was doing, who this person is who I talk to everyday, etc.

-I can not STAND loose-fitting shirts that poof out in front of me like I have a gut of air or something. I try and tuck some of the hems through my belt loops or something, but I can’t bear having an air gut.

-I am Batman. No, really! I AM Batman!!

-I sometimes think I have no real accent as my voice and speech changes back and forth. It’s odd.

-If I have a song stuck in my head, I hear EVERYTHING in it. Every last tambourine hit, every last power chord, every last whatever. It’s like a mental mp3 player or some shit. Frankly, this doesn’t bother me, 'cause I find it to be pretty damn useful.

-I look older than what I am. I got confused for a transfering graduate student in college.

-I also have mental conversations with myself. It’s pretty nice, 'cause you can get to the damn point whenever and only have yourself to blame, so it saves time other than having an arguement or whatever with another person.

-I have WIERD tastes in…stuff.

Now, I’m kind of curious about Valks “wrapped” thing.

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Now, I’m kind of curious about Valks “wrapped” thing.

Aww, what the hell, I’ll tell ya.

Like most of my quirks and anything about me, it’s a rather interesting and somewhat unrealistic story. Basically, it consists of me when I was three years old. We were camping, I caught on fire. (Interesting note, I couldn’t eat a single marshmallow form that day forward.) Anyway, I was screaming, didn’t know about the whole “Stop, Drop and Roll” thing, and doubted I’d remember it if I did, so dad grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around me to smother the flames. After that, I grew kinda attached to the feeling.

And now you know… the REST of the story. Good DAY!

Awww, how cute! Security blanket.

I have to agree. That does sound cute.

Most people at my school consider me very mature, but that’s just because I’m very quiet and listen. That is until I become bored.

While I’m bored I feel that I’ve just gotta do something, I just can’t sit there, so I become hyperactive and talking really fast to whoever happens to be there about anything (and I mean anything).

Mostly though its just some of my old stories that are wierd. I’ll just be sitting there when I write down some strange paragraph. Months later I’ll come across it and wonder what I was on to write this.

Gah, my badass attitude will forever be tarnished now.

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Gah, my badass attitude will forever be tarnished now.

You’re still totally badass in my book. You were on fire when you were three and didn’t die. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway… Memory lapses happen to me, too. I kinda forget stuff (like my quirks :P). I just hope it’s not important. ^.^;;

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You’re still totally badass in my book. You were on fire when you were three and didn’t die. :stuck_out_tongue:

Eh, it was only my shirt, and it was just for like, five seconds. But it hurt like hell for weeks, from what I remember.

You’re still badass. Maybe only 95% now because of that little tidbit with just the shirt, but hey, it’s damned close.

And I like my blankets big and fluffy. Mmmmm, warmness.

i shake sometimes for no reason and lately ive been thinking problems that arent there and try to resolve them and then i get all depressed cuz i couldnt resolve it

i cant really think of any but im sure there are alot and it would be easier if someone i knew was wrinting about my quirks cuz chances are i wont notice alot of mine

Originally posted by Cala
[b]You’re still badass. Maybe only 95% now because of that little tidbit with just the shirt, but hey, it’s damned close.

And I like my blankets big and fluffy. Mmmmm, warmness. [/b]

Now that you mention it, I often refuse to get up, even though I’m not sleepy. I just love lying there, enjoying the warm comfort.

That reminds me… Sometimes, I can be rather aggressive if I’m very focused on something and I’m rudely interrrupted. I can’t stand having people yell at me for no good reason.

Also, I’m often afraid of getting soft spots for people, but when I do get them, I just can’t shake them off.

In an unrelated issue, I’m crazy for chocolate, and if left to my own devices, I could stuff myself with it… Hmmmm!

I also feel hugging urges without warning every once in a while. Mostly when I think of certain people.

I also seem to have a slight obsession with chivalry and giving my life for someone else. Maybe I just feel lonely, but the fact is, I often feel an urge to do something noble for someone else. That usually makes me feel powerless when one of my friends is troubled, since I can’t do much to help.


…No, just kidding.

Or am I?

Come to think of it, I become really agressive if someone bugs me while i’m playing a game or drawing.

Also apparently I’m a packrat, I’ve never been able to get rid of anything. I just keep collecting shiny things and marbles. too bad I lost them recently (seriously, my nice little collection fell when my sister accidently dropped the can I kept them in)

I talk to myself sometimes.

And I have a strange obsession with deodorants, I got a whole collection of them.


you arent getting any secret out of me!:mwahaha:

Well, other than the fact that my tongue is FAT. I mean, if i dont scrunch it up, it wont come out of my mouth!

Talking to yourself is only a quirk if you respond. Everyone talks to themselves. Me, I have psycho powers. Really. I’m freakin’ wierd!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any really strange idiosynchrosies that I can explain. Well, my left hand is deformed, and it freaks people out when they see it, especially when I bend my one finger, and it looks like it retracts, but you really have to see it to understand.

I have a lot of nervous energy, so I’m almost constantly in motion. I usually twirl certain sections of my hair the most, and I also play with my jewelry and fidget a lot. I’ve heard from many people that I have no discernible accent (it seems like people expect everyone from the South to have the typical accent, and I’ve lived here my entire life), but I do apparently have a very evil giggle. I don’t have conversations with myself, but I’m great at playing out my side of a conversation in its entirety.

I hate to throw things away because of having ideas of “wastefulness”.

Here’s one I developed recently - when I’m eating, I do my very best to eat all of the meat. I think it ties into the wastefulness thing, as I feel that if the animal died so I could have some meat, I damn well better make the most of that and eat what I got. For example, if I order a combination plate at the Mexican restaurant, by the time I get to the quesadilla I’ll pick the chicken out of it just to eat all of the meat.

I know about something weird that happened to me… there’s this particular time when I was fast sleep… I was dreaming, I don’t know… shit… When I woke up I couldn’t move, I wanted to move but I just couldn’t! But my eyes were open, I saw the ceiling! But I just I couldn’t move and I begin to freaked out, I felt like I want to scream but I just couldn’t! But then, all of a sudden I could move and the first thing I did…I screamed, that’s a weird thing. People said to me that what happened to me was that a undead force from beyond wouldn’t let me go, I know sound like bullshit, but people actually told me that… SPOOKY, huh?

I, too, have memory lapses. I often remember who I tell certain things to, like tidbits of info or jokes.

And sometimes, when I’m watching TV, I just get up and walk around the room aimlessly.

Finally, I don’t know if this counts, but whenever I use mouthwash or brush my teeth, I always spit into the toilet instead of the sink.