Strange things..

Well, we all have little quirks about ourselves, but what about the REALLY weird things?

I have a few. I’ve been talking forever, and if I’m alone I’ll hold entire conversations with myself. With a real topic, I even make myself laugh every so often. Another thing is that I tend to hear things, like someone calling my name. It happend last night while taking a shower, I had music on and suddenly I heard my name being called. I was alone in the house though.

Anyway, anything like this happen to any of you?

I tend to make completely stupid jokes that I know COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY SUCK, but say them anyway. That, and for some reason, people think I’m intelligent :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a tendency to talk to myself… I also have a tendency to switch words up (I put it down on the table becomes I put the table down on it).

I’m an anti-midget. My legs are about just over half my height. (39 inch leg). Normally, midgets have legs about half as large as should be, and if they sit down, their torsos are bigger than the next person’s. Exact opposite here. I also type so fast that sometimes I end up typing 3-4 paragraphs before my mind’s even finished thinking up the first one.

Like that , no. But I am a pretty weird person in general. I make puns whenever possible and I have a genuinely evil laugh that sends chills down people’s spines. In general though, I’m what you don’t expect me to be.

I tend to think everyone’s out to get me so i am very defensive and quick to anger and this leads to people being scared of me for either being a psycho or strange.
I’m also obsessive, about food and people especially. if I dirty a fork with a certain type of food I’ll get another one. If my fries are touching my steak, for example I feel this is extremely unappetizing. I don’t like some of my food touching other portions of my food :stuck_out_tongue: (anal I know…)
If I see someone that isn’t…clean looking to my standards I’ll start to feel a bit sick. Like if I look at their hands and their hands don’t look clean to me I’ll avoid getting close to said person.(Also very anal and judgemental, I know)
Also if something happens in the room that I can’t explain I immediatly believe I am in the company of a ghost and I quickly think of a rational explanation as to what happened. I like to believe in all of these situations I’ve had, I’ve figured out the original reason as to <i>why</i> they’ve happened.
Whenever I go a day without hearing from my boyfriend I believe something bad has happened to them. There have been situations in the past which have fueled this insecurity but if I got more than a day without knowing he’s alright I will cry myself to sleep probably, that night and spend all the next day worrying about where he may be (yeah i pretty much got him whipped:P)

I’m the same with the food… I’ve had bad experiences when food mixes. ><

Same for the fork, but not for the most part; I usually wipe it off.

I am always in a creative process. I keep thinking about a lot of things (might post them in the media forum someday) and sometimes I think of something really funny. Then I laugh. Then people around me see me laughing for no apparent reason and think I’m crazy.

Hehe I do that. When I’m in school I just drift off and usually I think of things that make me laugh such as conversations I’ve had with close friends online or offline and I either giggle or have a wide grin on my face, a stark contrast to the usual scowl I usually wear. Stuff like that can freak people out :stuck_out_tongue:

I have weird ass hands, for one thing they’re too big for my arms but the strange thing is their color. My hands tend to be several shades less tan than my arms, and in the winter they turn purple. Not a little purple tinge, but really holy shit corpse hands purple.

I’m very paranoid, and stay away from people I sense that I cannot trust. People think I’m intelligent for some reason, which I’m not. I talk to myself, and hear voices in my head constantly. I cannot shut off my brain, and am always drifting in and out of conversasions. Therefore, I am perfectly normal.

I"ve been told by certain people here that my smile has some sort of “madness” to it. Which I suppose is very helpful, if I want to appear evil. ^^

Um… Also, I require more sleep than the average person… If I’m not on any schedule, I will generally sleep for about 12 hours straightone or two more.

Also on sleep, I don’t know if this is unusual, but no matter how much sleep I get in a night, if I’m up before the sun, I am still very tired, and need to continue to sleep (although this could be cause by the fact that I’m getting up for school, and I just don’t want to go to school >.>).

The most unusual thing of all about me: I’m almost never creative or clever or even intelligent, but for some reason, when I’m in the bathroom (whether it be cleaning it, showering, or “other business,”), I swear I’m the damn greatest genius in the world. And by the time I leave, I’ve already forgotten whatever song/witty comeback/essay I’ve thought up, so it’s never heard of again.

I talk to myself, I have an urge to act out many of the stories I read (don’t ask), on a phone without caller ID I have sometimes answer and know who it is before they speak, I tend to have at least six notebooks and three books that have nothing to do with school in my backpack (which I lovingly refer to as the Purple Monster ™), some of my IM conversations tend to turn into impromptu RPs, I see puns where most people don’t, I have been making a Field Trip Survival Kit, I could go on and on.

In short, I have weird ideas.

Example : Time = Energy, why?

Time moves eh?
Moving is work eh?
You need energy to work eh?

Originally posted by UF-Jabricruds
[b]In short, I have weird ideas.

Example : Time = Energy, why?

Time moves eh?
Moving is work eh?
You need energy to work eh? [/b]


Hooboy, Quirks. Where to begin?

Well, to begin with, I need something to do with my fingers at every damn moment of the day. Where it be from typing, puzzles, writing, or just plain cracking or snapping my fingers, they’re always busy. And the first person to make some sorta sexual joek about how my hands are always busy dies.

Second, I’m always wrapped in something. I dunno, but no matter what time of day, or what month it be, I always like to have a blanket or something wrapped around me tight. There’s a logic behind this, but I’d rather not go into it.

Lastly, similar to the “talking to yourself” things, I LISTEN. I mean, soemtimes I’ll just stop wherever I am, space out a second, then I hear everything around me. I’ve been able to follow multiple conversations in rooms because of this, and it’s really annoying as all livign hell.

I got more, ut I don’t think they be suitable for posting.

I have some from everyone here. The ‘name-calling’ thing happens when I listen to music real loud. I only hold conversations with myself inside my head though. Bad punning a definite, as is sick and wrong jokes.

I used to be more weird before, or it is just that I have changed - I’m going to go with that.

Maybe it is just as well that I can’t read any of my old diary entries: I can’t read my handwriting from back then.

I talk to myself a lot, to the degree that it freaks people out. And I talk in my sleep, which freaks me out: I like to know what I say, which is sort of difficult while asleep.

I also hear noises and voices that shouldn’t be there. Mental ecchoes I guess.

That is about it, at least of what I would tell.

My mind is always restless, I’m always worried about billions of things.
I also have a tendency to feel guilty without reason and get too attached to a few people.

Quirks eh?
well, for starts, I personally think I’m too short. I know I shouldn’t care, and that “I should love myself for who I am”, but I dunno, I personally feel I am at a disadvantage to many things because of my size.
Also, the size of my hands bug me… it’s difficult to play the guitar sometimes, because my fingers are short. This irritates me because I love playing the guitar.
I don’t really talk to myself, but I have conversations with myself in my head sometimes, and sometimes I think I am too quiet, and I become too dissasociated from the outside world. I also have difficulty in keeping a clear mind; it’s always cluttered with thoughts here, thoughts there, sometimes ideas, or even things people said, stick with me for a long time, which can be annoying.
My imagination is pretty vivid, which I think is a good thing, because it adds to creativity, however sometimes I get too cought up in it, and I can imagine totally bizarre, or even realistic, scenerios, and then I even try to solve them, even though they’re fictional. I sometimes worry that I might not be able to realize they’re fictional and start to believe these imaginary things are real.
Start last August, I’ve had the odd anxiety attack here and there. My hearts start racing, I hear things that aren’t there(like I really hear them, not just “oh I think I heard something” it’s like “shit that’s really making a weird noise”) and things start too look either cartoonish or evil. My mom says she has the same problem(well, the anxiety thing in general), so I think it might be genetic, or have something to do with some mental illness.
I can be very paranoid at times, and start to worry about random things, things that wouldn’t normally worry me.
And last but not least, I have bizarre mood swings, where I can be feeling fine one moment, and then the next I’m horribly depressed or angry.

While all these bug me, I’m not exactly embarassed by them, and a lot of them I’ve learned to live with.
*edit: oh, and I also kind of shake once in a while… like uncontrollable shivering almost. I don’t know if I’ve had this my whole life or not, but I noticed it sometime around last year. I have no idea what causes it, but most of the time I think it might just be that I’m cold, even though I’m wearing a coat in september.