How good are you guys? I kinda wanna play but I’m affraid of getting killed in five seconds, since I could barely finish the game.

I just started playing today. Haven’t touched the game for more than 5 years now.

I haven’t played in forever. Usually either Zerg or 'toss. Either mass Hydralisks or mass Archons (you heard me, Archons). I never could play Terran.

Depends. Zerg win unless you’re playing with one of those pansy-ass no rush rules. In which case, Protoss wins.

No rush? How can you enforce that?

You’re joking, right? A 4 or 5 pool is a good way to boost your own ego, but Zerg utterly OWN the skies. They get it early and they get it in spades. You need 12 ports/gates to match 4 hatcheries, and terran and toss air is weak, expensive, and takes for-fucking-ever to build.

Zerg infantry may get massacred by tanks and templar, but if you fuck with their air you’re going down in mid to late game. I don’t care if you have temps. Unless you can fire them off as automatically as the AI, you’re simply done. Unless you’re Kagon, in which case maelstrom will fuck you over good. Lol.

And then there’s the most overlooked unit in the entire game: Crack-ultralisks. You don’t know how many times I’ve killed toss players with these fuckers. It’s fun to watch 5 or 6 full temps blow their entire reservoir and barely make a dent. It’s even funner to watch 12 carriers take 2 or 3 minutes to kill a single one. These things tear up almost any base with impunity.

Toss for the win, though I do play Terran occasionally. Zerg I don’t like because their defense is a pain in the ass to set up.

ZERG RUSH KEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKE ^________________________________________________^

Which is why I go paranoid with the security around my base, it’s not impossible to beat the Ultralisks, you just gotta invest into it. My Dragoons do a pretty good job at taking them down when I create groups of five to patrol.

Yeah, goons ARE pretty good at beating ultras because they do full damage to large units, but keep in mind the ultras are 400 hp 6 armor tanks. You’d need quite a few goons in any case.

Ultras can be beaten, but you need to invest in almost nothing BUT units specifically designed to beat them, like reavers. What most toss players conventionally have on hand isn’t much of a match, especially if the ultras are supported by zerglings, and since they share upgrades, it’s not uncommon. Zerglings are the number one goon killers.

Today I killed 20 Guardians with a nuke while the guardians were attacking a base

I have no regrets

I like using Zerg. Protoss can be great though, and so can Terran.

I thought SG did that. Oh well :frowning:

My strategy isn’t perfect, but I tend to create multi-layer defenses for my base. Like, station 10 Dragoons and 10 (Minor infantry unit who’s name I forgot) on the outer circle, then 20 goons in the middle with a few cannons and then go nuts with the cannons on the inner circle.

It works wonders to stop any kind of massive attack with only medium loses, but the weakness is that it only woks on one-on-one battles since I need at least five minutes to re-establish the barriers after a massive oh-shit-how-many-of-them-are-there attack.

My favorite StarCraft memory:

Me, Sin, and OnionKid are playing. We’re in the middle of a 3v3 comp romp when the game suddenly pauses. OK says “brb, I have to pee.” Then, MAYBE, about 3-5 seconds pass. Sin can attest to this, it wasn’t ANYWHERE NEAR the time that a human being needs to pee. The game unpauses, and OK says “back.” Stunned, I say “Jesus, OK, did you even get out of your seat, or do you just have incredible aim?”

I hope at least Sin remembers that story. It was pretty damn funny. If I recall, we had to pause the game again just to laugh about it. :smiley:

You know how to stop Ultralisks? Friggin <b>MICRO</b>! They’re only one unit, and you have many. I once killed an ultra with just 12 marines (no medics), and I only lost 1 marine. It was on an open field too :stuck_out_tongue:

I find Archons to be a good counter to both Zerg air and Ultras. Because they do a good 30 normal damage with splash, they’re great on the offensive, and 350? shielding is great, especially when you stick them near shield replenishers or whatever they’re called. Makes for a sickeningly hard defense to beat if you have a ton of shield replenishers and enough Archons that you aren’t overwhelmed by default.

Guh Cless, if you think “Ultras are only one” you’ve not fought off a real ultra attack. Don’t play games with me :open_mouth: You’ve seen how I use Ultras. You’ll have a much harder time stopping 12 ultras with marine micro, trust me. And that 1 will turn into 100 faster than you can say “Oh shit micro doesn’t work.” Yeah, bitch. <_<;;

Archons aren’t good against ultras because they cost nearly twice as much gas-wise, are slightly weaker one on one, and their splash effect is minimized by the Ultra’s size. Archons only work good against zerg air until guardians are introduced. After that you were better off having the dozen temps.

Unless you MASS the things. Then you’d still get killed by straight mutas simply because archons are so damn big and clunky. No one in their right mind would go and attack an archon blob. They’d ravage your unprotected bases, and if your archons were spread out they wouldn’t be much of a match anyway.

The thing about archons is that they’re great for drops, and trash for everything else. You can have 20 archons appear in someone’s base almost INSTANTANEOUSLY, and that’s a sight to behold. Don’t pretend they make good defense though.

Seraphim: If you “tend” to create that kind of defense, you’re tending toward something that’ll get you killed. Not because the defense itself is bad, but because you’re spending so much time on protecting yourself that you’ll never expand or attack. When I look at your post, I don’t see an ingenious defense. I see someone who’s afraid to leave their base.

Ultras aren’t invincible, of course. But you guys really give the worst strategies for beating them :stuck_out_tongue:

What I’d do is try to kill them before they could get ultras, if I anticipated it, which I usually don’t. The best way to beat ultras is with infested terrans, obviously. But that strategy is extremely unreliable. What’s I’d do is probably just hope to god I have a few BCs floating around and take it from there. Of course, the central aspect of SC is time. You can’t really talk about countering this with that without being realistic about what both sides could have at what point and how long it would take to produce a counter even if you did anticipate the attack. That’s why Ultralisks are so fucking dangerous. While certain counters will work, they have to be specifically tailored to beat ultras. So while ultras can be defeated, it’s a lot less possible than simply thinking of strategies that “would” work, if you had the units.

That’s also why Mutas are so dangerous. They usually occur long before anyone has their first temp, and sometimes even dragoons. While so many things can beat them, they usually won’t, simply because they’re not there. Same with Ultras. That’s the zerg’s biggest advantage, spontaneous armies.

I like Terran because it’s like those three color popsicles, and depending of my mood you can get a beating of the flavor of my choice. Their ground advancing siege is excellent when well microed, but a semiswarm of shooters (Marines and Goliaths) will also cause severe harm save to the thickest shelled turtle, and worst comes to worst there’s always the ‘HOW MANY WRAITHS ARE THOSE?!?’ method.

I don’t advise plan C against a psi-storming 'toss.

But Zerg are a close second place for me, and Protoss a close third so I usually go Random.

Even if there’s like 12 Ultras, I can micro-kill them if I’m in my base. Ultras are harder to manage simply because you have like 60 marines to your 12 ultras.

n00b >:E