sends in the zlots, goons and dts. backed up with templar

A true story.


Sinstral: WHO IS IT?!
Skankin_Garbage: WHERE’S IT AT?!
Sinistral: I DON’T SEE THE DOT!


Green_Mage: Oh yeah, that was me.
Sinistral: Jesus, say something BEFORE you drop the nuke next time. You almost gave me a heartattack.
Skankin_Garbage: Yeah, you have to let us know when you’re dropping nukes so we don’t get in a panic over it.

5-10 Minutes of intense fighting later

Green_Mage: Me.
Sinistral: ?
Sinistral: ???
Skankin_Garbage: !!!


nukes are indeed fun, though nothing matches the horror when a couple shuttles make a stop in your base and you DON’T SEE A DROP. I did that to someone that I dt dropped the last game and they about shit themselves. They were relying on comsat for detection, and it would have been all too easy to pull the plug on that.

The nuke is fun, especially if you can pull the “standing like five millimeters farther than the detection range so your radars go kaboom” trick, but my favorite was sending three or four fully-equipped Protoss Carriers forward and just watch the mess they create.

And… well, there’s the Zerg Rush of course.

12 Yamatos at the same target… MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And 12 nukes in a row! I love doing that… ^^ But Archons and Dark Templars kick ass too.

Ahh, yes. You gotta love the nukes. And the carriers. And the zerg in general. I supoose my favorite class is the Protoss, though I can use any with some level of decency.

My little brother is teaching me the game by owning me through netplay sessions, so I haven’t really gotten a chance to learn the strengths and weaknesses of each team just yet. But so far, I like the Terrans.

LOL XD Nice.

I remember when 3 people had about 22 nukes and ghosts each, and nuked the same command center all at once about 66 times. The nukes were pouring out of the sky for almost a minute.

I remember one game where I set a nuke off in the middle of nowhere just to scare my opponent before my tank corps showed up. He built all kinds of detection in fear of nuking and I just parked my tanks outside his base and laid waste to it.

i’m a big fan of the old marines+medics combo. simple and effective.

I just find the Terran boring. I’m not going to comment on their effectiveness (Which I have issues with) but I just don’t like them. They lack the sexiness of the Protoss. Just look at the Dragoon or the Carrier, now THAT’s style.

Join the Zerg collective. Or die.


Indeed. Though drawing terran has had a nasty tendency of getting me killed as of late.

That was so, fucking, funny :stuck_out_tongue:

To answer, my preffered race are the Zergmoes.

Protoss pwnz!! does anyone wanna play now??

I’m game. I’ll be sitting in channel rpgc on east if anyone needs me.

I can’t seem to patch the game, my SC Brood War version is still 1.04. I downloaded the 1.12b patch but it won’t let me update.

[EDIT] Never mind, I got it to work.