Well, I figure’d I’d remake this… Now we have a SC thread again…

And DS, that was stupid. ><

I haven’t played this game in awhile, I only have Starcraft here, Brood war is at a friends… Besides I suck at Starcraft horribly.

Just go to UMS if your not good at melee starcraft, it only take a few games to get good at most maps

>.< I need to get Starcraft despreatly, I dobn’t see it in stores any more.

I was waiting for you to make it, Cala, so I wouldn’t have to. And I was right! :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw it like in Babbages or something in the back, but yeah not a lot store have it anyore due to the fact that no one really buys it anymore. You’re better off trying to get it online.

Try your local EB (Electronic Boutique) It should be on sale for about 40 dollars CDN

I got my cd key back so I’m playing again some. Woo yay.

YES !!!

It’s been a while since I played SC. I loved sending my Protoss fanatics at the Zerg base and blowing everything up while those silly Terran went right into my proton cannons.

SC is fun ^^

Tiss a classic game, for all it’s flaws.

Let us all join together and bask in it’s glowing warmth.


Originally posted by Cless Alvein
Try your local EB (Electronic Boutique) It should be on sale for about 40 dollars CDN

40 bucks??? Jeez, I got it for 10 at Walmart.

But anyway, I prefer rushing in Marines on my unsuspecting enemies within 10 minutes of starting. Those no-rush rules suck.

Maybe I can convince my bro to buy it…

At least Sin’s excited =P.

Note that the $40 is for the Battle Chest.

That put the wrong image in my head KAg.

But anyways, once I have the money you all will ahve the privledge of kicking my ass.

Psh. We all start somewhere. You’ll get good soon enough, don’t worry.

Try getting a start in the SC demo, if anyone plays it any more. If you get an attack going within the first 10 minutes of the game, people on the demo swear like you hacked the game or something. It’s flat out hillarious.

LMAO Sounds fun GM

do people play starcraft still? i thought it dead, anyway, is there a RPGC channel on bnet? or a RPGC clan even? if so i think i would like to go there sometime and see if i can still play SC