Star Wars: The Stupid Strikes Back.

Okay, the chat log is too long to post here, but we got to thinking; "Who’d play who in Star Wars?’. Eventually we ended up with:

Luke: 984
Leia: Kagon >_>
Han Solo: Zep
R2D2: TD
C3PO: Hades
Chewbacca: Starstorm
Lando: Epic
Obi-Wan: Merl
Yoda: CH
Yoda’s Cane: Nessa
The Force: Maz
Admiral Ackbar: Ackbar ^^
Mon Mothma: Nulani
Wedge Antilles: Gamer5389
Gold Leader: Charle
Porkins: deadtear
Uncle Owen: Kor
Aunt Beru: Weiila
Every single sandman ever: Setz
The Emperor: Sin
Darth Vadar: Sorc
Grand Moff Tarkin: X2K
Admiral Piett: SpoonyBard
Jabba: Nightblade
Boba Fett: SG
Greedo: Steve
IG-88: Bluemageone
That girl who gets eaten by the Rancor in RotJ: Val
The aforementioned Rancor: Jango
That little parasite thing that hangs by Jabba’s side: Shinobi
Random Stormtrooper #1923 that bashes his head on the door in New Hope: Me
The Ewok King: Rudora
That Ewok who runs a speeder into a tree and dies: Him
The Death Stars: SK
Guy in New Hope who gets his arm cut off by Kenobi: TubaMute
Random rebel who dies: Talen
Luke’s Lightsaber: DT
The Emperor’s Force Lightning: Astral
An AT-AT: Ramza
That guy in New Hope who stays “STAY ON TARGET” in the Death Star Run: Ez
The thermal detonator thingy that gets tossed into the At-AT by Luke in New Hope: XCountryGuy
An Ugnaught: Zero
That OTHER dancer who DIDN’T get eaten by the Rancor: Cala
An X-wing: Xwing1056

Obviously this list is incomplete. Who else do we need? People wrongly placed?

Can I be Boba Fatt?

Beatcha too it :\

I wanna be the fat Y-wing pilot

That’s Porkins I believe so are you too late

Oh well. Atleast I am Jabba.

What about Gueedo? Isn’t he the guy that got his arm cut off by Obi Wan, i wanna be that guy.

Wait, how come Sorc gets to be 2 people?

EDIT: Nevermind.

Yeah, the discussion is still ongoing. :stuck_out_tongue:

A wampa my stick also is?

Corrected. Interesting idea though. Wampa-skin walking sticks… :\

Can I be some guy that doesn’t say much or does stuff behind the scenes? THat pretty much sums up my chat room and RPGC experience :stuck_out_tongue:

I am displeased by my non-presence. :frowning:

Don’t worry Zero, we’ll find you a place. Want to be an X-wing? >_>

Er… Lasers? What?


As am I. I demand an immediate rectification of this problem.

Yes Ramza. Lasers. Your fate is to be shot out of boiling tubes as a lance of energy to impact painfully into the chest/ arms, leg, or other body parts of the target, and then doomed to repeat it when the next bolt s fired. So shut up. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cala, I’m running out of knowledge of female SW chars. Leia and Mothma are already taken. :frowning:

Hey, IM luke skywalker, i have to be luke skywalker.

or yoda. thats my nickname in a lot of things.

Whats merlin, i didnt see him up there.

Merlin is Obi-Wan, because he’s wise and powerful and made of CGI.