SSBM Match idea

I don’t know if anyone will listen to this but I figured it’s worth a shot.

I thought up a great way to play Super Smash Bros. Melee with your friends,
most of my friends like it so I’m passing it on to others, here goes…

RPG Melee setup:
2 to 4 HUMAN players
step 1: go to special Melee then to stamina mode
step 2: choose your favorite Nintendo RPG chars: Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Peach, Ness, Young and Adult Link, Marth, Roy, Fox, Pikachu, Pichu, Jigglypuff, and Mewtwo, or, you can bend the rules and choose anyone, but I think it is funner with RPG chars…
step 3: choose a playing field that has few natural hazards and lots of flat ground

fighting basics:

  1. take turns attacking: you are only permitted to move when it is your turn or if you are trying to return to the field after being attacked, playing order to be determined before the match is started

  2. use only neutral attacks and Smash attacks, no power or jumping moves.
    the only legal combo is the standard three hit neutral combo achived by tapping A 3 times you may attack only once per turn ie: neutral combo counts as one attack

  3. special moves: you are only allowed to use your B moves 8 times per match(Marth and Roy note: you are allowed to use all four hits of the dancing sword attack and have it count for one special, but you are only allowed to use explosion/sheild breaker twice regardless of how many remaining specials you have! :-P)you may not attack normally after using a special ie: your turn ends after you attack ONCE no matter what kind of attack you use

A: the good ol’ Defend option: you must proclaim to your friends that you are defending and relinquish your right to attack that turn; this is the only way that you are allowed to use your sheild, but beware: if your sheild is broken you may still be attacked!!!
B: as it is a factor in many RPGs you are allowed to attempt to dodge any move but you may only do this with the standing dodge (R or L and V on the control stick) no side-rolling or midair dodging
C: you may only counter if you have the applicable move (Fox’s deflector for instance) this still counts toward your special useage
you May not counter if you have used all 8 of your special credits

last man (or woman) standing wins, all falls count, play fair, and have fun!

P.S. if you do reply, don’t do it to scoff, please!

You have too much spare time, this is retarded.

Roy should be allowed to do the Fire Blade Explosion Thingy as much as he wants, that’s what makes him cool.

Edit: Star Fox is an RPG? I thought it was just a space shooter and some standard fare 3-D adventure. It’s about as RPG as Mario 64 or Metroid Prime.

And he didns’t list Samus ebcause Samus is in no RPG. Mario is in every genre. He’s got 3 RPGs out now. I’d say that onyl Zelda 2 is an RPG which si why they are on teh lsit. The rest of the Zelda games are adventure games.

Are you drunk or something? Since it seems you didn’t read my post at all, you just saw the word Metroid and commented on that.

I’ll rephrase it without using too many big words so it’s easier to understand.

Fox is not really an RPG character (is that too big a word?). Star Fox Adventures (sorry, another big word I couldn’t avoid) is pretty much just a 3-D adventure game, much like Mario 64, which wouldn’t be called an RPG by most people.

Then why is SFA shrinable?

Low standards.

For people as smart as Sohee and dumber, skip the next paragraph as it will make no sense. For the rest, you can read the whole reply since it’ll still make sense and you shouldn’t miss the big details Sohee will miss and misinterpret.

I did read it bitch (is that too big of a word?, how about whore?, still too big, ok then poopy head, that you should udnerstand), despite you not reading mine (you missed half of what I said). I’ll spell it out the best I can. Mario has been in RPGs…role playing games…games with levels adn battles…games this site is about…your mom. Samus has only been in adventure games…games with searching and hunting…games with upgrades…games with upgradable stuff…your whorey mom. Star Fox Adventures is like Metroid Prime, which has Samus. Now this is the tricky part that sluts like you can’t understand easily. Star Fox Adventures is like Metroid games. Metroid games are adventure games. Therefore Star Fox Adevntures is very much like an adventure game…just like the title oh my! This topic is about RPG characters in Super Smash Brothers Melee (like what happens to your mom every night). Since Samus is not a role playing game character, neither is Fox McCloud.

Or in whore terms. Fox is like Samus in that they are both in adventure games purple monkey dishwasher.

The only reason for the mean attitude in this reply is the cruel attiutude in the original post that this is a reply to whose author has a superiority complex and reading disorder and decided to treat me like a little baby. I’m jsut tryignt o show that insulting s much over a stupid thing is extremely mean and pointless.

It’s funny, cause you’re still fucking retarded, Flint said, and this is important here, <b>Star Fox is an RPG? I thought it was just a space shooter and some standard fare 3-D adventure. It’s about as RPG as Mario 64 or Metroid Prime.</b>

Now, what that means for Marines like you is, Star Fox !=RPG, much like MetPrime != Rpg, and MARIO 64 != RPG. ANDDDDD you agreed with him, so that proves you’re a god damn idiot and should be shot in the face for your ignorant trolling and proving you cant read.

Am I speaking English, not even deadtear can understand what I said.

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/mode #SSBM_Match_idea +pot

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